Cigarette Smoking and Stress

Stress is directly proportional to cigarette smoking. All the smokers out there will be in agreement with this fact. It is a general slogan of all the smokers that because they smoke of stress.

But, this is a misunderstanding. Due to their smoking habit, people often get stressed. Even after quitting smoking, smokers often start cigarette smoking. The main causes for taking up cigarette smoking again are stress, social gatherings, alcohol, and parties.

There are several smokers, who want to get rid of this deadly chemical. They even say bye to smoking cigarettes after few failed attempts. But, after a certain period their urge for cigarette smoking begins.

They feel that without cigarette smoking, life is boring. Without cigarette smoking, the ex-smoker becomes nervous, upset and depress. These kinds of depressions are one of the effects of not smoking cigarettes.

We experience stress everywhere in our daily life. It can be job related stress or family stress or friends stress or financial stress. The ex-smoker wants to take the help of cigarette smoking in such stressful situations. He would go for cigarette smoking, as he thinks it to be helpful.

However, this is a complete misunderstanding of him. For example, you are having a lot of work pressure in the office. You would immediately think of having cigarette, if you use to smoke earlier.

Is It Reasonable Of Taking Cigarette Smoking Again
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You are thinking about having cigarette, instead of organizing the schedule of your work. Can you give any cause for having cigarette smoking in this situation? Neither cigarette smoking can help you in easing the work pressure, nor can do the work.

Thus, there is no reason for cigarette smoking in such stressful situation. You are only making a fool of yourself. You are again making a way for the entry of numerous deadly chemicals. These chemicals will result in harmful deadly diseases. Moreover, cigarette smoking will also affect your near and dear ones.

Thus, the job stress is nothing in front of these deadly diseases. The cigarette smoking will make you more anxious. It increases the frustration. You will take another cigarette, when the first one ends.

In this way, you will start cigarette smoking again. After several failed and sincere attempts, you have quitted cigarette smoking. But, due to certain stress you are again taking it up. Remember that smoking will not get the solution for you, even, if you are going through some major crisis period.

Several times, we are unable to handle our circumstances. Such as, death of a near one or getting bankrupt, or major illness and ended up in taking cigarette. But, always remember that cigarette smoking is not going to solve your problem.

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