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Samsung SIII Designing For A Cowboy

Well samsung sIII not a superior as the 'Android Holic' said before the announced ceremony. Jobs said.“I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong… I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this.” And now guys the SIII proven us that it is the stolen products because it is designing for a COWBOY else samsung will come a better product than SII which is they have no idea how to make SIII awesome product and much better than SII. 1GB processor on iPhone much better than 1.4GB on samsung because samsung is a freak!.. And hoping that iPhone 5 wiil bet samsung market until they bankrupt. RETINA DISPLAY is much much much more better than the AMOLED HD screen.

AFTER months of speculation about the Galaxy S III smartphone, Samsung finally let the successor to the wildly popular Galaxy S II out the bag at a glitzy official launch event in London's Earls Court Exhibition Centre.

Much of the rumours surrounding the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S3 have largely turned out to be true.

The phone sports a 4.8in Super AMOLED HD screen (720 x 1,280-pixels, 306ppi), which is a step up over its predecessor that had a 4.3in screen.

Despite the increase in screen size, the Galaxy S III is only slightly larger at 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6mm compared to 125.3 x 66.1 x 8.5 mm of the S II.

HANDS ON: A closer look at the Samsung Galaxy SIII. The phone sports a 4.8in Super AMOLED HD screen and weighs 133g.

Samsung said that is due to an ultra-slim bezel design that the S III employs.

The weight is now up to 133g from 116g of the S II but it still feels very light in the hand and is comparable to the HTC One X, which has a slightly smaller screen.

Other highlights include an Exynos 4 Quad 1.4GHz quad-core processor, a larger 2,100mAh battery, 1GB RAM, Bluetooth 4.0, Android Ice Cream Sandwich and a mind-boggling host of features to enhance smartphone usability.

"The Galaxy S III is designed to be both effortlessly smart and intuitively simple and it has been created with our human needs and capabilities in mind," Samsung Electronics president and head of IT & mobile communications division JK Shin said in his opening presentation.


THE DIFFERENCE: A side by side comparison between the Samsung Galaxy SIII (left) and the Galaxy Note.

Strong user experience

One of the features that Samsung is banking on to deliver an enhanced user experience is called Smart Stay, which ensures that the phone's screen does not go dim as long as the user is looking at it.

The phone's front camera is used to detect the user's eyes and the screen will only go dark when there is no one facing the phone. This comes in very handy when you are reading an e-book or a document and it eliminates the need to periodically reactivate the screen when it dims after a prescribed time.

There is also a feature called Direct Call for the times when you are messaging someone but suddenly decide to call them instead. Using motion recognition and its proximity sensor, the Galaxy S III will automatically dial the contact's number the moment you place the phone up to your ear.

Samsung also introduced Pop up Play, which allows you to play a video in a window anywhere on your screen while simultaneously running other tasks. This eliminates the need to close and restart videos when you want to check for new e-mail or surf the Net.

Next is S Voice, which gives the phone the ability to listen and respond to your words. In addition to conducting information search, S Voice can be used for device-user communication such as waking up the phone, playing songs, adjusting the volume, sending text and e-mail messages, or automatically launching the camera and capturing a photo.

Shooting and sharing

Speaking of the camera, the S III packs in an 8-megapixel shooter that Samsung claims has zero lag shutter speed (less than one second between shots) that enables it to shoot moving objects with ease.

It has a burst mode that can take 20 continuous shots at 3.3 shots per second, and a best shot mode that will automatically select the best photo out of eight shots.

Like most modern smartphones, the Galaxy S III can shoot 1080p HD videos but the neat trick here is that you can also take stills while recording a video. Meanwhile the 1.9-megapixel front camera is able to record 720p videos and Samsung says it has improved the backside illumination to minimise blur shots in low-light conditions.

The camera app has face zoom where you can just double tap on a person's face and the phone will automatically zoom in for you.

The phone can also recognise faces and can automatically create slideshows of particular people of your choosing. Using face recognition, you can choose to tag your friends and categorise your photos according to people.

With tags in place, you can opt to attach social network information such as a Facebook link to photos, and you can then just tap on the photos to go directly to the link you have specified.

The S III also has a combination of WiFi Direct and NFC technology, called S Beam, that allows users to easily share content between supported phones by simply bumping them against each other.

According to Samsung, a 1GB movie file can be shared within three minutes and a 10MB music file within two seconds.

AllShare goodness

Sharing is also name of the game here with AllShare Cast, where users can wirelessly connect their Galaxy S III to their television to immediately transfer smartphone content onto a larger screen.

Then there is AllShare Play, which can be used to instantly share any forms of files between the smartphone and your Tablet, PC, and televisions regardless of the distance between the devices.

Under AllShare Play is the Group Cast feature that allows you to collaborate on a document on your handset among multiple friends on the same WiFi network in real time.

: The Samsung Galaxy SIII will be available in Pebble Blue and Marble White.

Options and availability

There will be two versions of the Galaxy S III, namely a HSPA+ model for markets like Malaysia and an LTE model for the United States and South Korea.

In terms of storage capacities, there will be 16GB, 32GB and 64GB varieties. Storage can be expanded by up to 64GB via a microSD card so you can potentially be looking at 128GB of space.

In terms of colours, Samsung will be having Marble White and Pebble Blue versions at the time of launch but we can fully expect more colour options in the future.

The Galaxy S III will be available in Europe on May 29. While no launch date has been confirmed for Malaysia yet, the company's regional director for mobile business in Southeast Asia, Oceania and Taiwan, Lee Jui Siang said that the local launch will take place "not long" after the European date.

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Awesome IPhone 4 Wallpaper

Here take a look at this

How to Install Siri on iPhone 4 without Proxy

Okay, this time it’s no proxy, no routing through various channels or any of that complicated stuff. We’re talking about how to install Siri on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G without proxy – with as simple as a jailbreak and a simple change in the Cydia repo. Here’s how to do that:

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How to Install Siri on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G Without Proxy:

Step 1: Jailbreak your iPhone 4. You can use Redsn0w to do that and we have already posted about it.

Step 2: Cydia would have been installed now. Launch it. You will have to add a repo source to the Source on the app.
Add to the Source.

Step 3: Hit the App store on Cydia and Install Siriport app. Once you’ve installed it, reboot the iPhone 4.

Step 4: Now this is where it gets a bit lengthy. In order to get Siri working, you need an iPhone 4S certificate. You can get that by pointing your browser to

Now, email the certificate file to yourself – open your email and get the certificate. Once you’ve done that, reboot.


Open link on safari, it will bring up a certificate installation window. Tap on install button.

Step 5: Now, just activate Siri. It might get a bit on your nerves here so be patient. Say, ‘Hi Siri’ and wait for a while. About 1-4 minutes.
Now, if Siri hasn’t yet responded, say it again. Wait. If it still doesn’t budge, you will have to reboot the iPhone 4. Try again.

For the moment, as we haven’t yet had the chance to test it, this is all we could get to you. With disclaimers in place, we’d like to tell you that the device on the video seems to have activated Siri perfectly fine. However, we can’t be held responsible for any damage that might occur on your iPhone 4S due to the steps above.

Siri had long been ported to other devices but the problem had been in the certification. In fact, even this iPhone 4S certification is still under questions because it can soon be figured out by Apple. Although Siri ports have been known to work well on iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G and even iPhone 3GS in a remote case, it looks like only now a publicly accessible and easily configurable Siri port has come to the fore.

iPhone 5 Features & Specifications – What the World Is Talking About Right Now

Quite a lot has been rumored about the iPhone 5 features and iPhone 5 specs so far. Even though there isn’t enough proof for any of that, the speculations are all through some kind of a research into the existing trend at the fruit company’s quarters in Cupertino. We all expected the iPhone 5 to be released this October, but in the end, we all had the iPhone 4S instead.

It’s almost quite certain that the next iPhone to be released would be the iPhone 5 – although it would be the 6th gen iPhone (considering 3GS and 4S on the line). As to the sentimental factor, the iPhone 5 was probably the last iPhone project Steve Jobs was working on. Something on the lines of Steve’s disapproval for a 4-inch screen on the iPhone was heard on many websites recently – indicating something about theiPhone 5 specs. More on that in this post!
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Okay, so let’s do a complete round-up of all the rumored iPhone 5 specifications that we’ve been seeing so far. This is a comprehensive list, and in all probability, many of these features might actually end up being on the iPhone 5 features list!

1. iPhone 5 Form Factor Could Be Bigger Than iPhone 4S?
Unlike iPhone 4, we’ve not had any testing prototype leaked out accidentally. This means all we have is speculation built upon speculation. Still, there are certain clues – like the 4-inch iPhone 5 screen – which could give a bit of a hint as to the form factor. We’re expecting a normal, iPhone 4S kind of a form-factor. All those rumors about a curved-glass display are out the window. In a lawsuit between Apple and Samsung, Apple suggested Samsung to go for curved-glass form-factors – which kind of proves that Apple isn’t taking that up for its iPhone 5.

Of course, we could expect the iPhone 5 to grow a bit bigger than the palm-friendly iPhone 4S or iPhone 4. There has been a constant need raised by iPhone users as to the screen size – and this 4-inch thing could probably be the answer to the need. But then, as we had posted earlies, the iPhone 5 could only have the display screen larger – not the whole body. That would make UI bigger, but the palm-friendliness remain unaltered.

2. iPhone 5 Could Come With a Greater Resolution
Another rumor that’s been doing the rounds recently is the resolution on the iPhone 5. Of all the iPhone 5 specs we heard, this was very impressive enough because so far, we thought the Retina Display was the state-of-the-art resolution one could ask for! Perhaps, with an increase in the UI size, the resolution could get stronger and users could expect a more brilliant video-watching experience. For the moment though, there’s not much cooking on this issue.

3. iPhone 5 Could Have A Quad-Core Processor
This would mark the beginning of a new CPU-arms race in the market. A dual-core processor for a smartphone has become a common thing these days. One of the chief competitions between Samsung smartphones running Android and Apple smartphones running iOS is the processor each boasts of. The A5 has outdone most Android-supporting processors that other companies have come up with, but according to certain rumors, Apple could be one-upping the race with an all-new, better-than-A6, quad-core processor!

Users have often complained that iPhone 4S is sometimes lagging in speed, and as a fix to this issue, Apple could be trying for the quad-core processor on its next-gen iPhone.

4. iPhone 5 Could Have 4G / LTE Capability?
We wrote on this sometime back. Will the iPhone 5 have 4G capability? Most likely, because Samsung got its Infuse 4G launched already!

In the network race, it would only be logical if Apple got an iPhone 5 specs sheet that had 4G support. As to LTE, that’s doubtful. But bringing out an LTE iPhone 5 would be a great boon for buyers.

Update (04-May-2012): Latest report from iLounge is claiming that the iPhone 5will be out during this fall and same would be featuring 4-inch display, metal case and smaller dock connector. Read more.

Update (28-April-2012): Latest report is claiming that the Apple’s upcoming iPhone could revamp itself with in-cell touch panels will would make new iPhone just 7.90 mm.Read more.

Update (18-April-2012): Latest report from ETNews suggests that next generation iPhone (iPhone 5) to have glass replaced with Liquidmetal and same would be out at WWDC-2012. Read more.

Update (24-March-2012): Report from iMore is claiming that Apple will unveil next iPhone with New 3.5-inch micro-dock LTE in October-2012. Read more.

Update (23-March-2012): Latest report from Apple Insider report cites research note obtained from Barclays, it is said that Apple is looking at a Qualcomm MDM9615 chip for the LTE support in the smartphone. Read more.

5. More Gesture-based – No Home Button
Oops! No home button? Well, yeah, quite possibily. Apple has moved to improved gesture based controls through its iOS 5. So it is quite possible that the home screen might be dropped for enhanced gesture-controls – one large interface change iniPhone 5 specifications.

6. iPhone 5 Features – Storage Capacity, Battery Problems and OS
This one is an actual bummer. With iPhone 4S, we heard the 64GB getting the face-lift. It was being marketed well on par with the 32GB and 16GB. So having an iPhone also means having a smartphone with huge memory capacity. The iPhone 5specifications might very well include 64GB versions too – considering the salesreports of the iPhone 4S 64GB version – but going beyond that would probably not be a reality for now.

The iPhone 4S still has battery issues and even with the updates on the iOS, there’s no reprieve out of that. It would be natural for the engineers to work on the battery issue fix – and it would only be logical for them to get an iPhone 5 which is not ridden with battery issues.

7. Fire-proof iPhone
Stunned with this iPhone 5 feature?? Well, why not to be… New iPhone 5 is likely to be the fire-proof and the company has organized a patent app for highly developed material which is halogen-free flame retardant. It could be incorporated in the iPhone 5 specifications to build this new iPhone 5 and other Apple products.

8. Wireless Charging
Well… this iPhone 5 specification would give you another break! But you never know the wireless charging is really creating a mass appeal. It could be possible with the inductive wireless charging technology. If you could juice up the battery of iPhone 5then this will be a big hit. So until iPhone 5 release date comes and the Apple release new smart phone with super cool iPhone 5 features, imagine charging this smartphone without cable.

9. More Speed
4G technology, the latest standard in network technology will help to build up the network fourth generation that will give you more speed…more fun on the fly with outstanding iPhone 5 specs!

10. NFC Payment
According to the reports, this NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is under testing and if it comes, then user will be able to make countless payment through scanner. However, according to the ibtimes, the analysts at Jefferies are expecting that this NFC technology will be revealed in the iPhone 5S (probably next version ofiPhone 5). Such iPhone 5 features will definitely create waves in the market.

11. iPhone 5 and Nano-SIM?
Way back, sometime before the rumors began spreading like wildfire, there was this strange but thoughtful remark about iPhone 5 supporting Nano-SIMs to make the design compact – or keep it unaltered (from iPhone 4S) despite a size-increase in the display.

A Nano-SIM would actually be a thing of the past even in 2012, considering the developments and supporting devices that we’ve got so far. Still, there’s no saying what Apple is up to!

The iPhone 5 Release Date Speculations
iPhone 5 is in development, quite obviusly, considering the references in iOS 5.1 Beta code. There are no leaks or confirmed sources from manufacturers as yet – which could help us fix a possible date of release. But, we can make a safe guess with a late-2012 release (much like iPhone 4S which got a late 2011 release). Of course, this would depend on Apple’s iPad 3 plans too. Is Apple eying for a simultaneous release of iPad 3 and iPhone 5?