Top 10 Most Expensive Hotel Rooms in the World

For some who have million dollars saving on their bank account and loves traveling around the world, this post will give you valuable information. Here`s 10 most expensive hotel rooms in the world. The priciest among 10 hotel rooms below is only $50k per night. If you have a million dollar, you can stay on this hotel for 20 days.

10.Imperial Suite, Park Hyatt, Paris
Top 10 Most Expensive Hotel rooms in the world 10  Top 10 Most Expensive Hotel Rooms in the World
Imperial suite is a special area on the 2nd floor of the park Hyatt. The room is featured with high ceilings, one dining room, kitchen area, and private bar. Cost per night to stay on Imperial suite is $15,500 per night. There are many special services you can get here; you will find it out the detail once you stay here at least one night

Top 10 Most Wanted Sport Cars in 2011

If you plan to buy a new sport car this year, I believe you want to know what is the latest car models for this year. For that reason I post this information. Here`s top 10 most wanted sport cars in 2011

1.2011 Ford Mustang

Most Wanted Sport Cars in 2011 1 Top 10 Most Wanted Sport Cars in 2011

According to Ford, Ford revised their Mustang’s engines before they employed it to 2011 Ford Mustang model. It has greater power, torque, and higher fuel efficiency. It is better than any Mustang cars that were produced in 2004-2010 with a new 5.0 engine
2. 2011 Ford Shelby GT500
Most Wanted Sport Cars in 2011 3 Top 10 Most Wanted Sport Cars in 2011
2011 Ford Shelby GT500 is a convertible sports car with 2 door and 4 maximum passenger capacity. The Car is available in 2 trims, the Couple and Convertible and each car is powered by a new Ford-patented plasma-coating technology 5.4 L aluminum engine which is 102 pounds lighter than the engine of Shelby GT500 2010.

Top 10 Fastest Motorcycles in the World

Million of people enjoy riding motorbike and most of them prefer the faster one, A Motorbike that can make them moves 250 km/hour and more. The following list below contains some of the motorcycles they have picked and bought to reach that speed. I suggest you not to purchase any of the fastest motorcycle below if are you not ready to accept the possible accidents you could get if you are not complete your self with proper protections before you riding it.

10. Ducati 1098s
Max speed: 169 mph (271 km/h)
10 ducati1098s1 Top 10 Fastest Motorcycles in the World
Ducati performs in Moto GP since decades and it influenced the motorcycle they produce for the market. This motorbike is powered by L-twin Cylinder engine, 8 valves in total, and featured with Desmodromic and liquid cooling system. The machine produces 119.3 kW (160.0 bhp) @ 9750 rpm and it is controlled by a 6 speed chain transmission.

Top 10 Largest Oil Spills in history

This is the list of largest oil spills in the history. Some of the oil spills accidents happened purposely and the other is accident. It is undeniable that the oil spills poisoning the natural habitat around the site.
1. Gulf war 1991 (Kuwait)
Estimated loss: 240-336 million Gallons of Oil
1 GulfWarOilSpill Top 10 Largest Oil Spills in history
Gulf War Oil Spill
Gulf war oil spills in Kuwait was a major catastrophe that happened on purpose. Around 240-336.000.000 gallons of crude oil was spilled by Iraqi troops to the sea during 1st gulf war in Kuwait in 1991. The recovery damage required 25 miles of smart booms to seal off the open pipelines, 21 skimmers, and vacuum trucks. From that recovery stunt, 58.800.000 gallons of oil was recovered, more that 50% oil spilled evaporated and 1/8 oil spilled washed ashore to Saudi Arabia and recovered by the country.

Top 10 Longest Movies Ever Made

If you are seeking the title of the longest film ever made in the world, you search will be over here. There are 10 longest movie ever on this post and the first one is your answer. As information, these movies on the following list below did not hit box office, did not grossing much money, and did not attract many fans.

1. Movie title: Berlin Alexanderplatz
Berlin Alexanderplatz Remastered poster Top 10 Longest Movies Ever Made
Berlin Alexanderplatz
Running time: 931 minutes (15 hr)
Released: 1980
Info: Berlin Alexanderplatz is adapted from 14-part television film and directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder. The total duration of the movie is 15.5 hours and it was produced by WDR, Bavaria Film Gmbh of West Germany and the Italian television network RAI

Top 10 Fastest Birds in the World

This is the list of fastest bird in the world .They are listed base on their speed on the air when they are speeding to flee from their predator or chasing their pray a head or down below. The fastest among all of these birds below is a Peregrine falcon. The bird has unique ability to use the force of Gravity to reach 200 mph.
1. Spine-tailed swift or White-throated Needletail

WhitethroatedNeedletail2 Top 10 Fastest Birds in the World
Binomial name: Hirundapus caudacutus
Max speed: 106 kph/171 mph
Interesting info:
The Bird has short legs which is very effective to cling upwards. Their nest can be found aside rocky crevices or hollow trees. It is mid size bird and nearly as big as Alphine Swift. The bird is the fastest flapping flight bird in the world

5 Oldest Banks in the World

After you read this post, you shall know 5 banks that are older than any banks in the world include a bank where you save your money right now. Bank is an old institution and some already instituted since colonization was legal. Let’s check out those 5 oldest bank in the world or you can say the longest operation bank in the world

5. Bank of New York/ Bank of New York Mellon
Founded: 1784
Operation: 227 years
 5 Oldest Banks in the World
New york Melon

Top 10 Tallest Bridges in the World

We have countless bridges in the world and some of them are rising like a tower over the water. In this post, I like to share top 10 tallest bridge available in our planet. Some people admires the beauty and others are always trying to find a way to jump from it to find a rush adrenaline.

Verrazano Narrows Bridge Top 10 Tallest Bridges in the World
The Verrazano is named after the legendary Italian explorer Giovanni da Verrazano. It stands 693 feet high and the longest span is 4,260 feet or 1,298 meters. The building was started to be built in 1964 and finished in 1981. In the world, it is the biggest suspension bridge ever built. It connects Brooklyn and Staten Island in New York and has been an important part of New York history in the past 50 years.

Biggest Pyramid in The World-Larger than Giza

Now, it is time to remove Great Pyramid of Giza from the 1st rank to the 2ndrank of biggest Pyramid in the world and fills the 1st position with Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is an ancient pyramid located at Bosnian Pyramid valley, 30km north Sarajevo, a Bosnia-Herzegovina capital city, near Visoko city. It is the 1st European pyramid has ever been discovered and had passed frequent international verification processes to confirm its originality.
Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun photo medium Biggest Pyramid in The World Larger than Giza
Bosnian Pyramid of The Sun
Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun or used to be called Visocica is standing 220 meters high or 1/3 taller than the Giza. On the top of it, researchers found medieval walled wreckages once belong to a Bosnian King Tvrtko of Kotromanic who ruled the complex from 1338-1391. The pyramid is rising with 4 perfectly aligned slopes (North, South, East and west) pointed directly to the cardinal points. It is completed with passageways and water drainage and Similar with Giza, the North side of Pyramid of the sun is paralleled toward North Star Astral.
bosnian pyramid6 1024x885 Biggest Pyramid in The World Larger than Giza
bosnian pyramid-Click to Enlarge
The pyramid was found after satellite imagery and thermal inertia analysis concluded that the soil of Visocica Hill covered an unknown massive man-made construction. The Satellite and thermal radar showed that the Visoko valley is cooling quicker than the surrounded areas. The finding was then followed up with Geo-archaeological researches and summer excavations in 2010.
3814338 f496 Biggest Pyramid in The World Larger than Giza
Further researches are still conducted to uncover the mystery of Pyramid of the sun. Last excavation found that the Pyramid has man-made underground construction called tunnels of Ravna. It links the pyramid with other monuments on the Bosnian Pyramid valley such as Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon, Bosnian Pyramid of Love, and Bosnian Pyramid of Dragon.
pyramids poster2 Biggest Pyramid in The World Larger than Giza
Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun poster

Last, Mounting Evidence approved that the Bosnian Pyramid of the sun and other monuments found on the Visoko Valley are not hoaxes. I guess this is time for us to stop teaching our children that Giza is the largest pyramid in the world.

Believe this?

Top 10 Largest stars in the Universe

The Closest star from our planet, the sun, is the family of countless stars where some or could be millions of them far larger and far brighter than the sun. in this post, we are going to study top 10 largest star in the universe. As information, the stars are measured with Solar radius standard ( 1 Solar Radii is equal to 695,500 kilometres /432,450 miles/0.004652 AU ( Astronomical units). Our lovely star, the Sun, is too tiny to be compared with the smallest of top 10 largest stars below and it look insignificant

10. Betelgeuse or Alpha Orionis
Betelgeuse Top 10 Largest stars in the Universe
Betelgeuse is 950–1,000 solar radii (according to Graham M. Harper at Astronomical Journal) or 880–988 solar radii (according to Jim Kaler in 2009). The weight of the star is 18–19 solar mass and it has luminosity 180,000x brighter than he Sun

10 Longest Road Tunnels in the World

In this planet, we have many Road tunnels that were built for different reason and different construction. From those road tunnels, we have 10 road tunnels that are longer than the other and here they are
Here`s 10 longest road tunnels in our planet.

Laerdal Norway
10 longest road tunnels in our planet 1 300x199 10 Longest Road Tunnels in the World
Laerday tunnel is the longest road tunnel in Norway and in the world. The road tunnel spans 24.4km away connecting Lærdal and Aurland in Sogn og Fjordane. With this road tunnel drivers can avoid dangerous landslides and hurricane

Top 10 Longest Bridges in the World

To short cut time and cost, people have built thousand of bridges to connect one island with another. World has recorded some of the greatest bridges ever constructed and 10 of them are informed in this post. Here’s the list of top 10 longest bridge in the world.

10. Seven Mile Bridge

seven mile bridge Top 10 Longest Bridges in the World
Seven mile bridge is spanning 10887.5 meters or 6.765 Miles.  The construction is standing over the Gulf of Mexico and linking Key Vaca in the Middle keys with little duck key in the lower keys. The road which was already build above the bridge is called the Overseas Highway

Top 10 Largest Cruise Ships in the world

If you want to know cruise ships larger than Titanic, I have the information for you. Here`s top 10 largest cruise ships in the world. Compare these cruise ships below with Titanic is unfair actually.

1. Allure of the Seas

Allure of the Seas Top 10 Largest Cruise Ships in the world
Cruise line of Royal Caribbean International
Gross Tonnage: 220,000 GT
Year Operation: 2010
Length: 1,187 feet
Beam 298 feet
Capacity: 6,296 passengers

Top 10 Largest Dog Breeds in the World

A Dog is a man best friend and some prefer to have large size dogs to be their friend so that they feel more secure and protected. In this world, we have many large dog species. Some of them are here. This is the list of top 10 largest dog breed in the world.....
1. Saint Bernard

1.Saint Bernard Top 10 Largest Dog Breeds in the World
1. Saint Bernard
Saint Bernard came from the Swiss Alps. It was employed as a working dog to rescue mountain climbers on that Alps. The dog is 27-35 inches high at the highest level of the back and the male one can grow up to 73-117 kg. The Dog is not aggressive yet proper training is needed to make the dog manageable.

5 Best Restaurant with Super size Menus in the world

If you wonder where to find a perfect restaurant for your extra appetite, I suggest you to visit one of the restaurants. Here`s 5 best restaurants with super size menus in the world.

1 – Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub – Clearfield, PA
1 Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub 5 Best Restaurant with Super size Menus in the world
1 Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub 2 5 Best Restaurant with Super size Menus in the world
Our first restaurant is Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub in Clearfield, Pennsylvania,US. The founder, Denny and Jean Liegey, opened the restaurant since September 1977. The best menu of this restaurant is 12″ wide hamburgers weighing 15-20 pounds. This restaurant serves the biggest hamburger menu in US.
2 – Restaurant Waldgeist – Hofheim, Germany
2 Restaurant Waldgeist Giant Kransky 5 Best Restaurant with Super size Menus in the world
Giant Kransky

Top 10 Largest Earthquake ever Recorded

Earthquake is basically normal natural phenomena. if human doesn’t live above the face of the earth, there wont be any death people ,collapsed buildings, and CNN news. Back to the earthquake again, in this post, I like to share 10 largest Earthquake ever recorded in the history of human. The chart is ranked based on the magnitude level.

1. 1960 Valdivia earthquake

1960 Valdivia earthquake Top 10 Largest Earthquake ever Recorded
1960 Valdivia earthquake

Earthquake Occurrence: Valdivia, Chile
Date                             : May 22, 1960
Magnitude                   :         9.5
2. 1964 Alaska earthquake
1964 Alaska earthquake Top 10 Largest Earthquake ever Recorded
1964 Alaska earthquake
Earthquake Occurrence: Prince William Sound, USA
Date                 :March 27, 1964
Magnitude       : 9.2

Top 10 Largest Cities in the World

Here’s list of top 10 largest cities in the world. The cities are ranked based on the number of populations. On first position, we meet Tokyo city of Japan. Tokyo as one of the most expensive cities in the world covers more than 34 million people in 2008. Here’s the detail
1.TOKYO, Japan.
tokyo 300x213 Top 10 Largest Cities in the World
Tokyo is inhabited by 34,400,000 people and the population is growing 0.15% per year. Tokyo is only 7,835 km square wide. It will running out of space if this population do not spreading to the other city