The Feeling

I post this story after my heart touched when I watching the movie " Extremely Loud Incredibly Close". The kid was lost his father back on September 11 2001 the date which the tower World Trade Center was attacked
by terrorists. His dad was in the building attended a meeting with his clients while terrorists attacked on the tower by airplanes.

The four flights involved were:
  • American Airlines Flight 11: Left Boston's Logan Airport at 7:59 a.m. enroute to Los Angeles with a crew of 11 and 76 passengers, not including five hijackers. The hijackers flew the plane into the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 8:46 a.m.
  • United Airlines Flight 175: Left Logan Airport at 8:14 a.m. enroute to Los Angeles with a crew of nine and 51 passengers, not including five hijackers. The hijackers flew the plane into the South Tower of the World Trade Center at 9:03 a.m.
  • American Airlines Flight 77: Left Washington Dulles International Airport in Northern Virginia at 8:20 a.m. enroute to Los Angeles with a crew of six and 53 passengers, not including five hijackers. The hijackers flew the plane into the Pentagon at 9:37 a.m.
  • United Airlines Flight 93: Left Newark International Airport at 8:42 a.m. enroute to San Francisco, with a crew of seven and 33 passengers, not including four hijackers. After the passengers revolted, the hijackers crashed the plane into the ground near Shanksville, Pennsylvania at 10:03 a.m.
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Motive of attack is to provoke United State. You can read it more HERE. This attacked had kill 2996 people including the passengers of the airplane. There are many rumors of this attacked. Some said it is planned by America own self. I have no right to say who did this. But whoever did this is the cruel people and must be punished. They like an animal. Never think first before doing thing. But personally I believe the one that do this is _____. I have made research on this attacked watching all the videos that upload into YouTube also reading the article and response from the public not the BBC or CNN because I'm afraid that they manipulated the videos and the information as well. I can't tell who did this because I scared that well you know what happen. But I believe in my heart. And I believe my heart's made a decision 80% correct.

Ok back to our story, if you not watch this movie yet you can download it from the websites ganool or you can buy the CD as well. It is an amazing story. Look I'm a man but my heart was touching when i watched this movie.

Respond on attack 11/9 by terrorists

For Sake of God Here I provide all reviews and respond that DAVID share with us. The fight of "VIEW" they onto will never end. They fight until all people in the world believe that they are right, good, perfect and their "view" is the faith one.

Everything Changed

I was living in Connecticut at the time and at work when the news started to filter in, first that a plane hit one of the towers which, we all thought it had to be an accident. Then the second one, then the pentagon, and it was clear it wasn't an accident. I can't help but feel like the people who sneer and mock at the remembrances and ceremonies just don't understand what it was like, how it felt, that fear and sorrow, and knowing that everything you knew just changed in such an awful way. My heart still aches for all of those who've lost lives and loved ones in the attacks, and afterward. —Guest

Remembering from El Paso

I was just swiping in to work in the morning in El Paso, TX, when one of my coworkers told me that a plane had flown in to the World Trade Centers. When I got into my area at work (zoo), I turned on the radio, found CBS news (actually many were broadcasting). In the course of listening to it, Dan Rather had said one of the towers was collapsing! It was almost hard to believe. The radios remained on all day, all week in fact. We gathered around the lounge where a TV was put for us to view what was happening. I later went home to visit my Dad, who was very emotional about it all. I remember the church being totally full that next Sunday, and often after that. Then, I guess in a way, things returned back to business as usual.—Guest Robert

My Living Room

The morning of September 11, 2001 was very extraordinary. I remember sitting on the living room floor watching Dora the Explorer when there was a knock on the door. It was my next door neighbor saying turn on the news. My nanny was going ballistic asking why. Then when my nanny turned on the news I saw the second plane turn around and hit the second tower. I remember from that day that people in Virginia wearing mask because the Pentagon had been hit and all of the smoke. Even though I was only 4 when it happened I can still remember parts then some parts are still a little fuzzy. Sometimes I am glad I can't remember it, then other times I want so that way like on the 10 anniversary I could remember and feel for those who have died. In 2013 when I turn 17, I am going to fly up to New York and see the finished memorial and so that way I can have a chance to cry for those who lost their lives that day. And that's a promise to all. God bless America and the survivors of 9-11 and those who died.—Guest shelby w reed

I Wish I Had the Chance to Remember

When 9-11 happened i was only four years old now i am almost 15 and tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of 9-11. sometimes i wish i could remember what happen that day but my mom tells me all the time she is glad i don't because to this day my mom still has nightmares about it. September 11 2001 was one of the most terrifying days in the history of America but i can say this one thing that day tested America on how strong of a country we are and always will be. The people who attack our country thought it would tare us apart but it did not we stood our ground like a true American would. We lost a lot of Americans that day and people from other countries too and i am grateful for those who died that day trying to protect us from harms way. God bless the families of who died that day and i am sorry for your loss. God bless America! God bless those died on 9-11 and their families! and Thank you Lord for those who survived.—Guest shelby reed

10 Years On from 9/11/01

It's hard to believe that it was 10 years since that fateful day. I still remember it like it was yesterday. I was 19 years old, still in school in Blackrock, Co Dublin, and we had gone to the nearby gym, and had been allowed to go home, when I saw a guy that work at the gym with the radio on. When I asked him what was going on, he told me that something had hit one of the twin towers in New York. Shocked, I rang my mom to pick me up. When I got home, the news channel went on, and we both watch in horror as a second plane hit the other tower. Then the news came in that the pentagon had been attacked. Then as each tower fell, my heart broke, and tears fell down my face. Then later I heard about flight 93, and my heart broke again. Adults, children, people of all ages and nationalities gone. My heart still goes out for those mothers and fathers, sister and brother, sons and daughters who lost someone that day. They are still in my heart, in my thoughts and in my prays. Laura—Guest Laura B

Watched and Listened in Shock

I was the operations manager of a chemical transport company in South Africa. My sister phoned me from Johannesburg and we turned on the radio and listened to the news in shock. That night I sat and watched the news and reruns with tears streaming down my face as I saw the people jumping from the burning floors and falling like rain to their deaths. I watched the Muslim Arabs cheering and dancing, and the the PC media censored that.—Guest John van Heerden

I Saw a Vision of 9/11 in June

Back in June 2001 I had a vision where I saw everybody walking around in masks. I told my friends. Then September came along, I was working on my brake when I came back in, my friends told me what happened.—Guest Barbara L

Watched in Horror

Watched in horror as the buildings came down. When I woke up the next morning, I was hoping and wishing the headlines would have read "Event though it is September 12th, April Fools, the towers are still there!" Needless to say I didn't get my wish.—Guest Teresa23

In a Daze

I was in my room. My sister came to my window yelling turn on the TV. I was like what's going on? Then she told me a plane hit one of the towers. I was in shock. So I went to the TV and turned it on just as the plane was hitting the second tower. I couldn't believe it. Then I was watching the TV till it was time for me to go to work. Then once I got to work I was in a daze and every one that I came in contact with was in shock and in a daze all of that day.—Guest christine

9/11 on My Ranch Thank God

I had the Today Show on the morning of the attacks in New York City. I have an extended New York and California family, so I was as I was there. My pregnancy is full of the memory of eating at Windows of the World and the free fall feeling of the elevator. Bruce Springsteen wrote the Rising to speak of the unspeakable. Everyday of my life I will treasure their memories and their courage. You speak of courage? Courage like that is beyond what we experience unless we are at the right hand of God himself, like so many were on that day. Aloha and God Bless you all and thank you for making me an American lady who is 60 and old enough to know...Michelle—Guest Villa Franchi Ranch

Working in Manhattan

That day I was on the NJ bus, on my way to Manhattan. My husband called me because he was in Manhattan already. He told me an airplane had crashed into the WTC! I wasn't believing that, and I arrived to Manhattan, and I saw the panic on the people. I was scared! I had to go to work. I was working on the 43rd Street. Of course, I could not work, because I was to scared! I watched the TV and i went on the roof, and I saw everything from there. I saw the 2nd airplane crash into the WTC2! That day I found out how people can help to each other. American people are so helpful, and I was crying for 1 week! I wished I could help. I still don't speak English good, and so I can't write, but i could tell you more! I am Hungarian, but my people is never that helpful, and loyal as American people! I love the USA so much. I wish i could write English more, so I could tell you my memories. I still remember every moment, and all the family who had loss their loved ones. Always remember.—Guest magyaros

Day That Changed My Life

The most poignant day in my life. I became closer to my Lord.—Guest Cindy hodges

What Happened?

I was only 5 at the time, but I remember that very day as if it were yesterday, sitting at home watching TV with my dad. When the phone rang my dad was talking to some one, then hung up and turned on the news and I saw people running all over the street and the buildings falling as they were hit by the planes. I knew then that this was going to be important for me to remember in the future since I did not understand what happened or why.—Guest Meredith

9/11 Then and Now

I was at home, disabled and already depressed that day. Once I saw the second plane hit the WTC, I realized how insignificant my own problems were, and the tragedy unfolded before my eyes. I cried for the people who died, the people there witnessing it firsthand, and also in fear of what was next. I knew God was a God of love, and this was done by people who were cold and heartless. Since then I've prayed every year still crying, but now I know not to cry for those who were taken, but for the families left behind. It reminds me that we are living in the New Testament and how God did forewarn us of things like this to come before His promise could be kept, much like how he sacrificed his only Son to die for our sins, as that was the only way to our salvation. It shows that just because we live in the US doesn't mean we are exempt from all the tragedies we see in the rest of the world. I pray for us all to one day seek God's kingdom where tears and pain will be no more. Until then, we will remember.—Seeker_of_Gods_Love

September 11 Part 3

I don’t think those of us outside the families that lost loved ones that day, realized how difficult it would be for these people to see and hear about this disaster every day for many years to come. I would have taken away the pain for every one of them if I could have, so they would not have to see or hear about that terrible day ever again. Just like many others, I felt great helplessness knowing I could not help. However, I did get to help one family in this terrible disaster.

Helping the Healing

You've heard about all the heroism of people helping each other after that terrible day -- all the firefighters, police and EMS. What I did does not even come close to the courage and fortitude of those great people. However, it helps me sleep at night to know that after the saddest day in American history, I got to help one family that suffered so much. In whatever way, no matter how small, it felt good to know that they could start to heal some of the pain.

I sent the business card and pictures with a letter that I had written to the man's wife. After she received them, the sisters and brothers of the man called me. Newspaper reporters from different parts of the country have called to say how much my letter touched the family. They wanted to put my letter in their hometown paper. When I started this, I was afraid that by contacting this family, it would only hurt them even more. That was the last thing I wanted to do. But like I said, God only knows why he put me there that fateful day.

True American Heroes

The saddest thing about this whole story is that the brother of the man, and other family members that worked in the financial district, had to run away that day, and then witness the towers come crashing down. The man from the business card had escaped the 1993 WTC attacks as a hero himself, by helping a woman get out of the building safely.

Nobody will ever know how that business card survived from the 104th floor of the south tower for me to find it among all the debris, but I am glad that I was the one that did. In April 2002, I met the man’s wife and family members at a restaurant called Park Avenue Country Club in New York. They showed me what true American’s do when something so tragic happens. They hugged me, and cried with me, and told me so many people were touched by my letter. Then they showed me pictures of a loving father, husband, brother and family member. These were pictures just like ones I have of my sons and my family.

The restaurant refused to let us pay for anything that night. The restaurant owner treated us like we were famous. When we parted that night, the wife of the man came up to me, hugged me, and told me thank you. With tears in both of our eyes, we walked away. At that very moment, I never felt more proud about being a firefighter. I knew that I had completed the journey that God had started for me back on September 14, 2001.

The next day, the man's brother gave us a tour of the New York stock exchange. While there, people came up to shake our hands and say thank you. One very nice man handed me a check for $500, which I gave to my own fire department.

While in New York, we were there to give a check for $31,600 to the New York Port Authority Police Department. We had already given money to the New York Fire Department. But after seeing a story on the Port Authority Police and how little they were getting after losing 37 of their own, we decided to give them the money we had raised from the people of Monroe County, Michigan during a two-day fire boot and bottle drive.

Just before we left the hotel to head to Ground Zero to present the check to the Port Authority Police, one of the brothers from the man’s family called me on my cell phone. He asked me if he could go with us to present the check. So, on April 5, 2002, we went back to Ground Zero, with a new friend and a man that had lost a brother on September 11, 2001. During the presentation of the check, the brother watched and was touched by what we were doing for the Port Authority Police. But I knew he was there for a very different reason. He got to say goodbye to his brother that day. He realized that we can’t let the terrorists win. We have to carry on. My reason was for my own closure. Whatever the reasons, it helped two people come together from different parts of this country, and all because of a terrible, senseless act. It helped us both in so many ways and different levels.
Changed Lives

No matter how small of a part I played, there are people in this world able to face the day once more because God put me there to help. Though I was only there for a week, this one event has affected me more than anything in my life.

So many people have gone there since 9/11, working effortlessly day and night. They will never be the same. These are true American heroes. This disaster was about the people of New York—firefighters, police and EMS that gave the highest price of all—their lives. I just want to say, there were people from all over the world -- from small towns like mine -- to help the people of New York. If we are ever needed again (God forbid), we will be there -- Semper Fi.

Who would have thought that a small business card could touch so many lives in so many different ways?

The brother that went with us to Ground Zero was the first of his family members to return there after 9/11. He dug deep down inside himself for strength that day, and came with us to represent an enduring, courageous family. He said goodbye for all of them. And for someone who I never got to meet, the man from the business card had a family that I know loved him very much. They touched my life in so many different ways. At the time of this writing, they have not found the man's remains. The business card may be the only memorial they will ever have.

God bless America and all the families and the people of New York that were affected by this event. I salute you and hope some day the pain is not so strong.

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September 11 Part 2

After a week at Ground Zero, I went home alone. I had driven my own vehicle there. The other 18 firefighters from Monroe County had left a day and a half earlier. I wanted to stay as long as I could, but it had started to take a toll on my five and seven year old boys. That was the longest drive of my entire life. One thing I will never forget while driving home was the newspaper reporter from the Toledo Blade who called my cell phone. He had heard I was there at Ground Zero and someone gave him my cell phone number. As he was asking questions about what I did at Ground Zero, a song started playing on the radio. It was, “I'm Already There,” by Lonestar (with inserts from the World Trade Center disaster playing in the background). I was so tired from the last week and driving home alone, and since that was my son’s favorite song, I started to cry. Yes, firefighters do cry. With the reporter on the cell phone, I told him I could not talk, hung up, and had to pull over to the side of the road.

Something to Hold on To

I made it home and after a couple of weeks had gone by, I still could not stop thinking of what I had seen, and the business card I had found. I was watching TV and saw a program about how families that had lost their loved ones at the WTC were hoping to find something from their loved one to hold on to. I got goose bumps when I saw this show, and even today as I write this, I still get goose bumps. I knew then I needed to find someone in the man’s family, even though this was only a business card. There was a name of a man on this card and I knew he had a family that was missing him.

You see, when I found the business card and stood there holding it at Ground Zero, listening to what that New York firefighter was saying to me, I had the strangest feeling come over me. While standing on that huge pile of debris, holding that business card in my hand, something told me this man did not suffer. I believe in God, and believe me, I talked to him a lot when I was there, and I know he had everything to do with this. I know he had put me there at that time and at that place for a reason. I know there are better people in this world, but for whatever reason, God wanted me to be the one to find that business card.

After a few phone calls and with the help of a wonderful woman from Canter Fitzgerald, I found the man’s family. This woman from Canter Fitzgerald got a hold of his wife. With the courage of a million people, she called me at my home one night a couple of days later. You see, I did not know for sure if I would get a call back. The woman I had spoken to told me she did not know how she was going to approach the family about the business card. I felt she thought I was nuts after I told her my story about finding it, so I did not expect a call back, much less a call from the wife of the man.

She began by telling me who she was and asked me if I was the firefighter who found her husband’s business card at Ground Zero. When I told her it was me, she began to cry. That was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. I mean, I've had to tell many people in my career as a firefighter that their loved one has passed away, but this was the hardest time for me ever. While I talked to her the best I could under the circumstances, I kept as calm as I could.

She wanted to know where I had found the card, how I had found it, and if I had any pictures of where I found the card. This was one of the saddest moments, next to when my own seven year old son asked me on the phone while at Ground Zero if I had found any more bodies. She asked if I would send her the card and the pictures of where I found it. “No problem,” I told her.

Hard to Imagine Their Pain

At that moment, I knew God had wanted me to find that business card so I could hold onto it until I found her. Can you imagine ... one day you are kissing your loved one in the morning before they leave for work, and then you turn on the TV and see the worst disaster in American history, knowing your loved one was in there? I cannot imagine the horrible feeling those people felt seeing that unfold before their own eyes. You see, the family of this man heard he had gotten out when the towers came down and was in the hospital with smoke inhalation problems. But several hours later, they found out differently.


September 11 Part 1

David's "One of a Thousand Stories to Tell" is a true story about brave heroes who sacrificially gave of their lives on and after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center. It's written by a firefighter who God used to deeply touch one family and help them through the healing process. On that fateful day, when he found a business card while working to clear the debris at Ground Zero, he had no idea how this discovery would change his life and touch so many people in the days ahead.

David's One of a Thousand Stories to Tell

My name is David G. Nadeau and I am from Monroe, Michigan, hometown of General Armstrong Custer. I am a paid-on-call firefighter for Monroe Township Fire Department and I was at Ground Zero for one week starting September 12, 2001. Some of my hundred or so pictures from Ground Zero have been published in EMS magazines. Newspaper reporters from Cooperstown, New York and Lexington, Kentucky have called me wanting to publish this story. That is because someone from the family of the business card I found at Ground Zero told the reporters this story – a story about a business card which is just one of a thousand stories to tell.

Ground Zero

I arrived at Ground Zero on September 12, 2001 with another firefighter. On Friday, September 14, after several hours of working at the front of a bucket brigade—just one of many bucket brigades—there came an opening in the debris pile just big enough for one person to fit in. With the help of a New York firefighter holding my fire boots, I went down into the opening with a flashlight. While down in the hole, everyone up above yelled for silence. At this time we were still hoping to find survivors. I prayed to God to let me find a survivor. There were none.

While backing out of the hole with the help of the New York firefighter (this hole was very small and tight), thick dust and debris was all around me. The void was 6 to 10 feet deep, and opened to a 20 foot circle. Just as I was coming out of the hole, something out of the corner of my eye caught my attention, and for some reason (I still do not know why), I caught this piece of paper just as it was falling through the air back into the void.
Finding A Business Card

When I stood up, the New York firefighter who helped me out of the hole was standing behind me and saw what it was I had in my hands. He said, “Do you know what you found?” I said no and he asked, “Haven’t you seen the news?” I said no again because I'd been working long hours, and there was no time to watch the news. He said the piece of paper was the business card of the Vice President of Canter Fitzgerald from the south tower. This company had lost several hundred employees.

The New York firefighter said he could not believe the business card survived in all of the fire and destruction, as we stood on a 25-30 foot pile of debris. The card came from the 104th floor of the south tower. It was dirty, but legible. I asked the firefighter if he wanted the business card. He said, “No, you came this far to help us, you keep it brother.” That is what he called me, brother.

The whole time I was there, we called each other brother. Firefighters from all over the country were there, and we called each other brother, not firefighter. Firefighters have had traditions for years, and this is one I will never forget.

Out of the millions of tons of debris, I found the business card of a man that had been working, providing for his family, that horrible September day. And no matter what kind of jobs those people had, from janitor to vice president of a large company, or how much money they made, they were all there that day providing for their family. Little did I know how much this business card would affect me for the rest of my life.


The true story of how September 11th happened

Everyone knows about the four airliners that crashed on September 11th 2001, but do you know why it took air traffic controllers so long to understand what was happening?

The decoy flight of September 11th 2001
By Roger Vizi

On the morning of September 11th 2001, America awoke to the horrific news that four airliners had been hijacked and crashed into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the forth plane was forced down in Summerset County Pennsylvania.
Many questions have been raised about how this could happen? Maybe this article will shed some light in this question.

At 1:30 a.m. Pacific time, Air Cargo flight 33 took off from Los Angeles bound for JFK airport in New York. It was September 11th 2001, and the sky was clear and dark.

Three officers were on the flight deck guiding the cargo plane to New York. None of them were prepared for what was about to happen.

On the ground at the loading station, two men of Mid Eastern nationality loaded a cargo container with food and weapons. Among this cargo were three other men of the same nationality. They were to be loaded onto the plane and their container placed close to the cockpit. Their mission was to hijack this cargo plane and keep it in the air and have the attention of the air traffic controllers in New York and Boston focused on them so the real mission could be accomplished.

The three men in the cargo container listened to the conversation that was taking place in the cockpit. They would wait until the plane was handed off to Chicago control before making their move. They remained calm and silent in the darkness of their container until the proper time. They were not true soldiers, and had no training in flying a plane. They were selected for this mission based on their willingness to do whatever it took for the others to accomplish this mission. This included the willingness to die for what they believed in, and to help bring America to their knees.

They listened as the first officer acknowledged the hand off to Chicago control. They waited until he confirmed the hand off, then they prepared to start their mission. Loading their automatic weapons, they bust from the canvas covered container and stormed the flight deck through the open door. One of the men took up a position outside of the cockpit in case he was needed as a back up.

“Keep this plane flying on course or I will shoot all of you!” one of the men shouted pointing his weapon at the head of the captain.

“What do you want with us?” the captain inquired.

“You will know soon enough. Just keep flying this plane, and do not let on to the controllers that we are on board until you are handed off to New York control, then I will tell you what to say.”

The plane continued on it’s course flying over the Mid West until Chicago control advised the first officer to contact New York control. The two men watched as the first officer turned the dial on the radio control to the frequency that would connect them with New York control.

“Give me your headset!”

The first officer removed the headset and handed it over to the first man. None of them had spoken their names in English, and when they did speak to each other the crew could not understand what was being said. All they could do was wait until some demand was made.

He put on the headset and adjusted the microphone and pressed the button.

“New York control, this is Air Cargo flight 33. We have taken control of this aircraft and demand clearance to orbit New York and Boston. We have not harmed the flight crew yet, but we are prepared to execute them if our demands are not met.” He released the button and waited for their return message.

In the air traffic control center at JFK International airport, senior controller Josh Williams listened to the demands for the hijackers. He was shocked to hear that someone would hijack an air cargo plane and decided to grant their demands to buy more time.

“Air Cargo flight 33, this is New York control. Your demands are granted. Remain on your current heading and speed and we will be back with you soon with further instruction.”

On the flight deck, the first hijacker smiled as the message was passed on to him. “This will be a great day for our country my friends,” he said turning to his fellow hijackers.

The hijackers looked at their watches. It was now 7:37 a.m. and they were quickly approaching the point in their mission where they would have to become more aggressive with the controllers. The whole mission hinged on making sure the flight crew stayed alive and did as they were told. They had no intention of killing any of them. They were needed as much as the hijackers so noone on the ground would suspect the true intent of the others involved in the mission.

“New York control, this is Air Cargo flight 33. We demand a course change to Boston.”

Josh Williams had contacted his supervisor and advised him of the situation. He in turn had contacted the NTSB and the FBI so they were aware of the hijacking.

“Stan, the hijackers are demanding a course change to Boston. What do you want me to do?”

“Vector them around New York over the ocean to Boston. I'll call and let them know what’s coming their way.”

Josh nodded his head and prepared to give the instructions.

“Air Cargo flight 33, vector to Boston granted. Turn right heading 325 and descend to one-one thousand. Contact Boston center on 113.65.”

“We have been given a new course and altitude. Drop to 11,000 and turn right to course 325. We are also pilots, so do not try anything or we will shoot you both!”

He watched as the captain began turning the plane to a heading of 325 and felt the plan start to descend. He was bluffing and he could not let on that he had no flying experience. He had been trained in navigation and could read the charts. He had been taken over this part of the flight many times over the past two years in preparation for this moment. It was imperative to the mission that Boston controllers were kept busy with them until the proper moment when they would change course for New York so they would have a visual confirmation that their mission was complete.

“Boston control, this is Air Cargo flight 33. We have hijacked this plane, and are willing to kill everyone on board if our demands are not met. Do you understand?”

“Understood. We have been apprised of the situation and are standing by.”

“We want to fly a left downwind at an altitude that we can see the flights that are departing. We also demand to change frequencies to Boston departure when we are in position. We will switch back to your frequency when we are ready to change course.”

“Understood. Descend to two thousand five hundred and change to a heading of 260. At captains discretion, turn to left downwind for runway 33.”

“You have your instructions, captain. Now do as you have been instructed.”

“You're going to put us on a collision course with all of the other aircraft in the area.”

“That is not your concern. Just do as you are told or be shot!”

The hijacker looked at his watch again. It was 7:55 a.m. The captain knew something was going to happen soon as the hijackers were getting agitated more and more by the minute. As they turned on the heading of 260, they were able to see the flights departing from Boston. The hijacker changed frequencies to Boston departure and began listening to the departing flights. Why was he so interested in these flights? What was the reason for hijacking an air cargo plane? All of these answers would soon become clear.

As the hijacker listened to the departing flights, he pushed his way to the captain’s window as American flight 11 was cleared for departure. He watched as the plane accelerated down the runway and pulled its nose toward the sky.

“Turn and follow that American flight that just took off.”

“That will take me right over the airport in restricted air space!”

“Follow that plane or die!” the hijacker demanded while pointing at the departing American flight.

The captain did as he was instructed, and began deviating from their flight plan. He knew departure would be calling soon when they were spotted on radar.

“Air Cargo flight 33, turn left immediately. You are deviating from your flight plan, and heading into restricted air space.”

“Do not answer any more calls.”

The hijacker reached down and turned off the transponder that the air traffic controllers used to identify each flight. Without this information, they had no idea who the flight was.

In the Boston control center, chief controller Bob Johnson watched as the transponder numbers disappeared from his screen.

“Jesus Christ, they turned off the transponder on flight 33!”

“Hey Bob, the American flight that just departed has done the same thing!”

“What the hell is going on? You better alert New York control that we have two flights coming their way that have no transponder information showing so they can divert flights.”

The call was placed to New York control to alert them that the hijacked Air Cargo flight and an American flight were heading their was with no identification.

“Should we suspend take off’s until this is straightened out?”

“No, let the others go. We can see where they are on the screen. Just alert them to be watching for them.”

At 8:40 a.m. New York control watched as one of the planes starting turning to the right over New York City. It was descending at a rapid rate. When it leveled off, at slightly over 1,000 feet, a sick feeling came over Josh as he watched the plane heading for the heart of the city. There was nothing he could do but wait for the news that a plane had crashed into the city. All attempts to warn the flight had gone unanswered.

In the cockpit of Air Cargo flight 33, the hijackers had instructed the pilot to stay back from the American flight. As their watches read 8:45 a.m. they made the crew look out the front cockpit window. They could see the New York skyline and the twin towers were in the middle of the window. Suddenly, they noticed the shiny skin of the American flight heading straight for the North tower.

“My god! They're going to crash in to the tower!” the captain gasped.

Just then, they huge fire ball exploded in front of their eyes. At the same time, all three hijackers leaped for joy, their mission had been a success!

As the flight crew watched in horror, the three hijackers stepped back into the cargo bay, put their guns to their heads, and pulled the triggers in unison.

Eighteen minutes later, United flight 175 crashed into the South tower. Forty minutes after that, American flight 77 missed the White House and crashed into the Pentagon. Twenty-Seven minutes after the Pentagon explosion, United flight 93 crashed into a field in Summerset County Pennsylvania after several brave passengers attempted to take control of the aircraft from the hijackers. While some may say they did not succeed in taking control back, their brave act may have saved many lives in Washington.

Was there truly a fifth plane that acted as a decoy to hide the true mission that was to take place, or is this just a story of fiction? No one will know for sure as the flight was diverted to an undisclosed destination, and the flight crew disappeared as well.


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Cara Menghadapi Peperiksaan


Saya tidak tahu dimana patut bermula.
Jangan panik. Senaraikan semua perkara yang perlu anda lakukan. Agih-agihkan tugasan anda kepada bahagian yang lebih kecil dan mudah dilaksanakan. Tentukan keutamaan tugasan, yang utama didahulukan. Rancang masa untuk menyelesaikan setiap tugasan ini sebaik-baiknya. Jangan sesekali ponteng kelas ketika hampir dengan peperiksaan. Anda mungkin tertinggal ulangkaji dan tip-tip penting yang dibincangkan oleh guru atau pensyarah. Gunakan masa-masa rehat yang ada untuk mengimbas kembali apa yang telah dipelajari. Berikan masa bukan sahaja untuk belajar tetapi juga untuk merancang strategi pembelajaran anda. Jangan terburu-buru, mulakan belajar anda dengan topik yang senang dahulu. Mulakan 30 minit – 1 jam dahulu. Semakin lama, terutamanya apabila semakin hampir dengan peperiksaan, tingkatkan waktu belajar anda.

Terlalu banyak untuk dibaca sedangkan peperiksaan semakin hampir.
Buat tinjauan. Berikan masa untuk anda membuat tinjauan keseluruhan topik. Kenalpasti topik-topik penting. Fahami konsep-konsep penting. Pastikan topik yang anda maih belum faham. Mulakan belajar topik yang penting-penting dahulu. Mana-mana topik yang kurang penting, dan tidak sempat diulangkaji sepenuhnya, fokus hanya kepada fakta-fakta utama. Tetapi ingat, tinjauan hanya boleh membantu sekiranya anda benar-benar sudah tidak punya masa. Kalau anda masih sempat membacanya, maka bacalah dengan terperinci.

Subjek ini cukup membosankan. Anda rasa jemu dan mengantuk apabila membacanya.
Belajar secara aktif bukannya pasif. Gunakan kaedah membaca yang berkesan. Dapatkan soalan-soalan berkaitan dengan topik yang dipelajari sebelum memulakan ulangkaji. Pelbagaikan aktiviti ketika belajar. Selang-selikan diantara aktiviti membaca dengan menulis nota, melakar peta minda (atau peta konsep), menghafal, menggaris kata kunci dan menjawab soalan-soalan. Libatkan diri anda sebanyak mungkin dengan apa yang sedang dibaca. Tukarkan apa yang dibaca kepada gambaran minda. Belajar bersama rakan yang lebih arif tentang subjek tersebut dan bincangkan.


Nayati Shamelin

Everyone feel in love with Nayati.. Just because he's cute? Come on all kids that time are cute too... Because they still not mature.. Sorry for saying this and I gladed he came back home save and sound. Follow my twitter.. PEACE WORLD!!

Samsung SIII Designing For A Cowboy

Well samsung sIII not a superior as the 'Android Holic' said before the announced ceremony. Jobs said.“I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong… I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this.” And now guys the SIII proven us that it is the stolen products because it is designing for a COWBOY else samsung will come a better product than SII which is they have no idea how to make SIII awesome product and much better than SII. 1GB processor on iPhone much better than 1.4GB on samsung because samsung is a freak!.. And hoping that iPhone 5 wiil bet samsung market until they bankrupt. RETINA DISPLAY is much much much more better than the AMOLED HD screen.

AFTER months of speculation about the Galaxy S III smartphone, Samsung finally let the successor to the wildly popular Galaxy S II out the bag at a glitzy official launch event in London's Earls Court Exhibition Centre.

Much of the rumours surrounding the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S3 have largely turned out to be true.

The phone sports a 4.8in Super AMOLED HD screen (720 x 1,280-pixels, 306ppi), which is a step up over its predecessor that had a 4.3in screen.

Despite the increase in screen size, the Galaxy S III is only slightly larger at 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6mm compared to 125.3 x 66.1 x 8.5 mm of the S II.

HANDS ON: A closer look at the Samsung Galaxy SIII. The phone sports a 4.8in Super AMOLED HD screen and weighs 133g.

Samsung said that is due to an ultra-slim bezel design that the S III employs.

The weight is now up to 133g from 116g of the S II but it still feels very light in the hand and is comparable to the HTC One X, which has a slightly smaller screen.

Other highlights include an Exynos 4 Quad 1.4GHz quad-core processor, a larger 2,100mAh battery, 1GB RAM, Bluetooth 4.0, Android Ice Cream Sandwich and a mind-boggling host of features to enhance smartphone usability.

"The Galaxy S III is designed to be both effortlessly smart and intuitively simple and it has been created with our human needs and capabilities in mind," Samsung Electronics president and head of IT & mobile communications division JK Shin said in his opening presentation.


THE DIFFERENCE: A side by side comparison between the Samsung Galaxy SIII (left) and the Galaxy Note.

Strong user experience

One of the features that Samsung is banking on to deliver an enhanced user experience is called Smart Stay, which ensures that the phone's screen does not go dim as long as the user is looking at it.

The phone's front camera is used to detect the user's eyes and the screen will only go dark when there is no one facing the phone. This comes in very handy when you are reading an e-book or a document and it eliminates the need to periodically reactivate the screen when it dims after a prescribed time.

There is also a feature called Direct Call for the times when you are messaging someone but suddenly decide to call them instead. Using motion recognition and its proximity sensor, the Galaxy S III will automatically dial the contact's number the moment you place the phone up to your ear.

Samsung also introduced Pop up Play, which allows you to play a video in a window anywhere on your screen while simultaneously running other tasks. This eliminates the need to close and restart videos when you want to check for new e-mail or surf the Net.

Next is S Voice, which gives the phone the ability to listen and respond to your words. In addition to conducting information search, S Voice can be used for device-user communication such as waking up the phone, playing songs, adjusting the volume, sending text and e-mail messages, or automatically launching the camera and capturing a photo.

Shooting and sharing

Speaking of the camera, the S III packs in an 8-megapixel shooter that Samsung claims has zero lag shutter speed (less than one second between shots) that enables it to shoot moving objects with ease.

It has a burst mode that can take 20 continuous shots at 3.3 shots per second, and a best shot mode that will automatically select the best photo out of eight shots.

Like most modern smartphones, the Galaxy S III can shoot 1080p HD videos but the neat trick here is that you can also take stills while recording a video. Meanwhile the 1.9-megapixel front camera is able to record 720p videos and Samsung says it has improved the backside illumination to minimise blur shots in low-light conditions.

The camera app has face zoom where you can just double tap on a person's face and the phone will automatically zoom in for you.

The phone can also recognise faces and can automatically create slideshows of particular people of your choosing. Using face recognition, you can choose to tag your friends and categorise your photos according to people.

With tags in place, you can opt to attach social network information such as a Facebook link to photos, and you can then just tap on the photos to go directly to the link you have specified.

The S III also has a combination of WiFi Direct and NFC technology, called S Beam, that allows users to easily share content between supported phones by simply bumping them against each other.

According to Samsung, a 1GB movie file can be shared within three minutes and a 10MB music file within two seconds.

AllShare goodness

Sharing is also name of the game here with AllShare Cast, where users can wirelessly connect their Galaxy S III to their television to immediately transfer smartphone content onto a larger screen.

Then there is AllShare Play, which can be used to instantly share any forms of files between the smartphone and your Tablet, PC, and televisions regardless of the distance between the devices.

Under AllShare Play is the Group Cast feature that allows you to collaborate on a document on your handset among multiple friends on the same WiFi network in real time.

: The Samsung Galaxy SIII will be available in Pebble Blue and Marble White.

Options and availability

There will be two versions of the Galaxy S III, namely a HSPA+ model for markets like Malaysia and an LTE model for the United States and South Korea.

In terms of storage capacities, there will be 16GB, 32GB and 64GB varieties. Storage can be expanded by up to 64GB via a microSD card so you can potentially be looking at 128GB of space.

In terms of colours, Samsung will be having Marble White and Pebble Blue versions at the time of launch but we can fully expect more colour options in the future.

The Galaxy S III will be available in Europe on May 29. While no launch date has been confirmed for Malaysia yet, the company's regional director for mobile business in Southeast Asia, Oceania and Taiwan, Lee Jui Siang said that the local launch will take place "not long" after the European date.

Credit : NST and me as well

Awesome IPhone 4 Wallpaper

Here take a look at this

How to Install Siri on iPhone 4 without Proxy

Okay, this time it’s no proxy, no routing through various channels or any of that complicated stuff. We’re talking about how to install Siri on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G without proxy – with as simple as a jailbreak and a simple change in the Cydia repo. Here’s how to do that:

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How to Install Siri on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G Without Proxy:

Step 1: Jailbreak your iPhone 4. You can use Redsn0w to do that and we have already posted about it.

Step 2: Cydia would have been installed now. Launch it. You will have to add a repo source to the Source on the app.
Add to the Source.

Step 3: Hit the App store on Cydia and Install Siriport app. Once you’ve installed it, reboot the iPhone 4.

Step 4: Now this is where it gets a bit lengthy. In order to get Siri working, you need an iPhone 4S certificate. You can get that by pointing your browser to

Now, email the certificate file to yourself – open your email and get the certificate. Once you’ve done that, reboot.


Open link on safari, it will bring up a certificate installation window. Tap on install button.

Step 5: Now, just activate Siri. It might get a bit on your nerves here so be patient. Say, ‘Hi Siri’ and wait for a while. About 1-4 minutes.
Now, if Siri hasn’t yet responded, say it again. Wait. If it still doesn’t budge, you will have to reboot the iPhone 4. Try again.

For the moment, as we haven’t yet had the chance to test it, this is all we could get to you. With disclaimers in place, we’d like to tell you that the device on the video seems to have activated Siri perfectly fine. However, we can’t be held responsible for any damage that might occur on your iPhone 4S due to the steps above.

Siri had long been ported to other devices but the problem had been in the certification. In fact, even this iPhone 4S certification is still under questions because it can soon be figured out by Apple. Although Siri ports have been known to work well on iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G and even iPhone 3GS in a remote case, it looks like only now a publicly accessible and easily configurable Siri port has come to the fore.

iPhone 5 Features & Specifications – What the World Is Talking About Right Now

Quite a lot has been rumored about the iPhone 5 features and iPhone 5 specs so far. Even though there isn’t enough proof for any of that, the speculations are all through some kind of a research into the existing trend at the fruit company’s quarters in Cupertino. We all expected the iPhone 5 to be released this October, but in the end, we all had the iPhone 4S instead.

It’s almost quite certain that the next iPhone to be released would be the iPhone 5 – although it would be the 6th gen iPhone (considering 3GS and 4S on the line). As to the sentimental factor, the iPhone 5 was probably the last iPhone project Steve Jobs was working on. Something on the lines of Steve’s disapproval for a 4-inch screen on the iPhone was heard on many websites recently – indicating something about theiPhone 5 specs. More on that in this post!
Image Credit:

Okay, so let’s do a complete round-up of all the rumored iPhone 5 specifications that we’ve been seeing so far. This is a comprehensive list, and in all probability, many of these features might actually end up being on the iPhone 5 features list!

1. iPhone 5 Form Factor Could Be Bigger Than iPhone 4S?
Unlike iPhone 4, we’ve not had any testing prototype leaked out accidentally. This means all we have is speculation built upon speculation. Still, there are certain clues – like the 4-inch iPhone 5 screen – which could give a bit of a hint as to the form factor. We’re expecting a normal, iPhone 4S kind of a form-factor. All those rumors about a curved-glass display are out the window. In a lawsuit between Apple and Samsung, Apple suggested Samsung to go for curved-glass form-factors – which kind of proves that Apple isn’t taking that up for its iPhone 5.

Of course, we could expect the iPhone 5 to grow a bit bigger than the palm-friendly iPhone 4S or iPhone 4. There has been a constant need raised by iPhone users as to the screen size – and this 4-inch thing could probably be the answer to the need. But then, as we had posted earlies, the iPhone 5 could only have the display screen larger – not the whole body. That would make UI bigger, but the palm-friendliness remain unaltered.

2. iPhone 5 Could Come With a Greater Resolution
Another rumor that’s been doing the rounds recently is the resolution on the iPhone 5. Of all the iPhone 5 specs we heard, this was very impressive enough because so far, we thought the Retina Display was the state-of-the-art resolution one could ask for! Perhaps, with an increase in the UI size, the resolution could get stronger and users could expect a more brilliant video-watching experience. For the moment though, there’s not much cooking on this issue.

3. iPhone 5 Could Have A Quad-Core Processor
This would mark the beginning of a new CPU-arms race in the market. A dual-core processor for a smartphone has become a common thing these days. One of the chief competitions between Samsung smartphones running Android and Apple smartphones running iOS is the processor each boasts of. The A5 has outdone most Android-supporting processors that other companies have come up with, but according to certain rumors, Apple could be one-upping the race with an all-new, better-than-A6, quad-core processor!

Users have often complained that iPhone 4S is sometimes lagging in speed, and as a fix to this issue, Apple could be trying for the quad-core processor on its next-gen iPhone.

4. iPhone 5 Could Have 4G / LTE Capability?
We wrote on this sometime back. Will the iPhone 5 have 4G capability? Most likely, because Samsung got its Infuse 4G launched already!

In the network race, it would only be logical if Apple got an iPhone 5 specs sheet that had 4G support. As to LTE, that’s doubtful. But bringing out an LTE iPhone 5 would be a great boon for buyers.

Update (04-May-2012): Latest report from iLounge is claiming that the iPhone 5will be out during this fall and same would be featuring 4-inch display, metal case and smaller dock connector. Read more.

Update (28-April-2012): Latest report is claiming that the Apple’s upcoming iPhone could revamp itself with in-cell touch panels will would make new iPhone just 7.90 mm.Read more.

Update (18-April-2012): Latest report from ETNews suggests that next generation iPhone (iPhone 5) to have glass replaced with Liquidmetal and same would be out at WWDC-2012. Read more.

Update (24-March-2012): Report from iMore is claiming that Apple will unveil next iPhone with New 3.5-inch micro-dock LTE in October-2012. Read more.

Update (23-March-2012): Latest report from Apple Insider report cites research note obtained from Barclays, it is said that Apple is looking at a Qualcomm MDM9615 chip for the LTE support in the smartphone. Read more.

5. More Gesture-based – No Home Button
Oops! No home button? Well, yeah, quite possibily. Apple has moved to improved gesture based controls through its iOS 5. So it is quite possible that the home screen might be dropped for enhanced gesture-controls – one large interface change iniPhone 5 specifications.

6. iPhone 5 Features – Storage Capacity, Battery Problems and OS
This one is an actual bummer. With iPhone 4S, we heard the 64GB getting the face-lift. It was being marketed well on par with the 32GB and 16GB. So having an iPhone also means having a smartphone with huge memory capacity. The iPhone 5specifications might very well include 64GB versions too – considering the salesreports of the iPhone 4S 64GB version – but going beyond that would probably not be a reality for now.

The iPhone 4S still has battery issues and even with the updates on the iOS, there’s no reprieve out of that. It would be natural for the engineers to work on the battery issue fix – and it would only be logical for them to get an iPhone 5 which is not ridden with battery issues.

7. Fire-proof iPhone
Stunned with this iPhone 5 feature?? Well, why not to be… New iPhone 5 is likely to be the fire-proof and the company has organized a patent app for highly developed material which is halogen-free flame retardant. It could be incorporated in the iPhone 5 specifications to build this new iPhone 5 and other Apple products.

8. Wireless Charging
Well… this iPhone 5 specification would give you another break! But you never know the wireless charging is really creating a mass appeal. It could be possible with the inductive wireless charging technology. If you could juice up the battery of iPhone 5then this will be a big hit. So until iPhone 5 release date comes and the Apple release new smart phone with super cool iPhone 5 features, imagine charging this smartphone without cable.

9. More Speed
4G technology, the latest standard in network technology will help to build up the network fourth generation that will give you more speed…more fun on the fly with outstanding iPhone 5 specs!

10. NFC Payment
According to the reports, this NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is under testing and if it comes, then user will be able to make countless payment through scanner. However, according to the ibtimes, the analysts at Jefferies are expecting that this NFC technology will be revealed in the iPhone 5S (probably next version ofiPhone 5). Such iPhone 5 features will definitely create waves in the market.

11. iPhone 5 and Nano-SIM?
Way back, sometime before the rumors began spreading like wildfire, there was this strange but thoughtful remark about iPhone 5 supporting Nano-SIMs to make the design compact – or keep it unaltered (from iPhone 4S) despite a size-increase in the display.

A Nano-SIM would actually be a thing of the past even in 2012, considering the developments and supporting devices that we’ve got so far. Still, there’s no saying what Apple is up to!

The iPhone 5 Release Date Speculations
iPhone 5 is in development, quite obviusly, considering the references in iOS 5.1 Beta code. There are no leaks or confirmed sources from manufacturers as yet – which could help us fix a possible date of release. But, we can make a safe guess with a late-2012 release (much like iPhone 4S which got a late 2011 release). Of course, this would depend on Apple’s iPad 3 plans too. Is Apple eying for a simultaneous release of iPad 3 and iPhone 5?