Boeing Sonic Cruiser

Boeing Sonic Cruiser is a new aircraft that is being built by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Boeing is aiming to develop a design that will allow commercial passenger and cargo aircraft to fly faster, higher and farther travel. The airplane will travel at Mach 0.95 or faster. It is estimated that it will save about one hour for every 3,000 miles flown. The only commercial aircraft to travel faster is the Concorde.
Boeing Sonic Cruiser
Cruise altitude will be in the mid-40,000 foot (above 13,000 meters) level and the range will be about 9,000 nautical miles (16,668 km). The new jet is still in the early phases of development and may change as Boeing works with its customers to understand their requirements.
Sonic Cruiser
Type: Commercial Passenger/Cargo Aircraft
Powerplants: Unknown at this stage.
Weight: Unknown

Seating: 100 - 300

Range Greater than 16,668 km

Speed: Mach .95 or faster
Maximum Cruising Altitude: Mid-40,000 foot level or higher (13,000 meters+)

Announced in March 2001

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