Top 10 Most Expensive Stadiums in the World

Here’s a list of most expensive stadiums in the world. In the world of sports, the stadium is a very important element. Some club teams or even to spend money to several hundred billion just to build a stadium that big and majestic. They do not hesitate to spend a lot of money to build a stadium that big and grand, because with a big stadium, will be able to accommodate so many spectators will also indirectly provide positive for the club in terms of both technical and financial aspects.
1. Wembley Stadium – London, England ($ 1.5 billion) stadium1Wembley Stadium
For all of you who loves football sport, do you interested to visit one of the most expensive stadiums above to watch your favorite clubs?
3. Madison square garden – New York, USA ($ 1.1 billion)stadium3 Madison Square Garden Stadium

4. State de France – Paris, France ( $ 974 million)stadium4Stade de France Stadium
6. The Emirates Stadium – London, England ($ 770 million)stadium6 The Emirates Stadium
7. Soldier Field – Chicago, USA ($ 714 million)stadium7 Soldier field Stadium
8. Lucas Oil Stadium – Indianapolis, USA ($ 675 million)stadium8 Lucas Oil Stadium
9. Safeco Field – Seattle, USA ($ 656 million)stadium9 Safeco field Stadium
10. ANZ Stadium – Sydney, Australia ($ 624 million)stadium10 ANZ Stadium

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