I am going to teach to change the product code of your Nokia 5800, so the 5800believes that is free and you can update to the new firmware without problems. If yournokia 5800 is free, you do not need to do this.

nokia 5800 Change Product Code in Nokia 5800

The procedure requires a PC with Windows XP or Vista, if Windows Vista you must give administrator permissions to the program, that you do so before you run, for this you do click with the right button on the pkey and you do click where it says run as an administrator, to leave displayed a poster of Windows, we give him to allow and ready.

How to change product code in 5800:

  1. Download and install Nokia Ovi Suite, click here to download. Once installed, you must connecting the phone cable at least once and select the PC Suite. This is installed in the system the drivers of the cable and telephone. Before moving to step 2 we must make sure that the mobile has to be able to correct connection with the pc mode ‘pc suite”.
  2. Download and install JAF 1.98.62 and JAF PKey Emulator V5, to download click here. To install JAF 1.98.62 can that it asks you if you want to modify the driver of cable that is already installed in the system, you say that do not. Once the installation of JAF 1.98.62 do not execute.
  3. Make a copy of the contents of your phone. Copy applications, agenda, calendars, images, etc. The upgrade can be done without deleting the content of the phone previously, but sometimes there are errors with configurations of the previous version or with applications that had installed.
  4. Make a hard-reset, so you put 5800 without contacts, without applications, with the default configuration of all parameters, etc. To make the hard-reset writes: *#7370# and writes the security code, if you never has changed, which is expected by omission is: 12345 and click: Yes
  5. Now connect your Nokia 5800 via USB and select the mode PC Suite.
  6. Run JAF PKey Emulator v5.0 and click GO.

    product code n97 1 Change Product Code in Nokia 5800

  7. You’ll see an error: BOX DRIVER NOT INSTALLED, click Aceptar.
  8. product code n97 2 Change Product Code in Nokia 5800
  9. Now run JAF v1.98. Select the tab BB5.
  10. product code n97 3 Change Product Code in Nokia 5800
  11. Select Prod. Manager and click SERVICE.

    product code n97 4 Change Product Code in Nokia 5800

  12. Click Read Values.

    product code n97 5 Change Product Code in Nokia 5800

  13. Now you can write a product code. Change the box on the PRODUCT CODE WITH THE CODE, depends on your 5800 you should put the product code: List Product Code.

    product code n97 6 Change Product Code in Nokia 5800

  14. Click Write Values and ready.

We already have our Product Code of a Nokia 5800 free. Already you can update your 5800 to the latest version of software available from Nokia.

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