Justin Bieber in Toronto, never say never, he tells fan

Justin Bieber at MuchMusic. He says the impact of sudden fame still hasn’t hit him, even though he’s sold million of records, has 6.3 million Twitter followers, 16.5 million Facebook friends and has been viewed one billion times on YouTube.
Justin Bieber appeared relaxed and happy at a news conference Tuesday afternoon to promote his new movie Never Say Never which opens in theatres February 11.

Bieber, a teenage heart-throb and musician who hails from Stratford, Ontario, is currently on tour.
He told adoring fans and fawning media that he misses his home in Stratford, his family, Tim Hortons and his dog Sam.
He also admitted to having a sweet tooth, confessing he was a huge fan of Sour Patch Kids, but now has switched to Big Foot candy.
He talked about some of the footage in the film which shows him playing a djembe when he was about 7 or eight years old and how disappointed his mother was at his finding what was his birthday present.
The Bieb, as he’s known, said that he tries to keep humble and keep good people around him.
Usher, he said, has been the biggest influence on him. He has been “such a good role model” and “just a good person.”
Bieber, dressed in a casual grey sweatshirt and jeans, also praised Usher’s handling of his transition from child star to adult musical star, saying “If I can have a career as long as he has had, I’ll be lucky.”
Faced with the possibility of a snowstorm Bieber told the media and fans that when he was stuck home on a snow day he would sleep in, call one of his friends and maybe go skating, skiing and tobogganing.
When one of his fans in the audience asked him if he would marry her, Bieber said he gets that question at least once a day. “The answer is: ‘Never say never,’” he quipped, referring to the title of his upcoming movie.
He also told the news conference that he does in fact do all his own tweets but doesn’t tweet “too much personal stuff.
“I tweet what I’m doing or where I’m going or what stuff is coming out that people can look forward to,” he said at the news conference.
Asked what he misses most about Canada, Bieber said: “I miss my friends and family.”
As for his favourite pastimes, Bieber said: “I used to skateboard all the time. Now I don’t want to hurt myself and I’m not the greatest skateboarder. I tend to hurt myself.”
But he still has time occasionally to strap on his skates and find a pick up game of hockey. “I get out and play pick up hockey sometimes…We played in Washington one time. We try to get out as much as possible….I used to play hockey a lot.
Bieber played centre for a Double A team in his hometown called the Stratford Warriors. He gave a big shout out to his old team-mates.
As for the multiple Juno nominations Bieber received this morning, his reaction was nothing short of ‘Bieberish’, shouting: “Yah Junos, we’re bringin’ them home.”
Photos: Bieber in Toronto

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