Avatar The Last Airbende The Most Amazing Cartoon I Had Watched

Avatar The Last Airbender has no analogue TV Show. In this masterpiece blends the two styles, anime and cartoon, that's why this TV Show is called anime-cartoon. However, in any way it is not anime TV show. Actually, after review of all 60 series (lasting a little less than half hour) you can be led to image that is a more cartoon, but of course there you can find and anime elements.
All the action revolves around a major character Avatar - the Aang. His mission was to save the world from the tyranny of the Fire Nation. Aang was a twelve-year-old boy, who in circumstances froze himself and his flying bison Appa in a piece of ice for 100 years (one century). After 100 years when he already was 112, he was freed from the iceberg by Katara the waterbender, and her brother Sokka the warrior. Although Aang was 112 year old, he seemed and he was like the 12 years old boy.
Avatar The Last Airbender
Initially, Aang could not believe that he was the only one and the last Avatar, who can control all four elements - Air, Water, Earth and Fire. However, he found the seriousness of the situation and he took the mission to save the world from the Fire Nation.
Avatar The Last Airbender all the action revolves around the Avatar's mission, his trip. He was always followed by Prince Zuko, the son of Fire Nation Lord. Zuko wanted to arrest Aang and in this way to reclaim his glory. Aang was traveling with flying bison Appa, lemur Momo, and with friends who discovered him, Katara and Sokka, doing good and saving people. At the same time, he had the task to learn to control all four elements, not only the air that is already well managed, so that he could overcome the Lord of the Fire Nation.
Avatar The Last Airbender
Each series always has something new, still are coming to any new topic. There are no dull scenes in this TV Show the action is always going on. Each series is full of unforgettable adventure story lessons that can be used even in real life, both among children and adults. On each series can be seen impressive fights. These fights are not usual or standard fights, they are different because for grappling with an opponent four elements - Air, Water, Earth and Fire are used. Each nation uses its own element. It becomes the even more interesting fights because rival verse is completely different.
During the Avatar The Last Airbender, the main character Aang had raised the issue for himself: when he will master all four elements and he will meet for a fight with the Lord of Fire Nation how he will overcome him? By killing him? To resolve the problem of the evil this is exactly what should happen, the lord should be destroyed. However, the Avatar is only 12 years old boy, so he haunts this idea, and he cannot imagine how to resolve this problem. It should be noted that compared to all previous battles with the last, the battle between Aang and the Fire Nation Lord, superiors everything, the fight is really very impressive.
Avatar The Last Airbender has no real analogue TV Show, it also has won numerous awards, and yet indeed any other TV Show cannot compare.

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