Avatar The Last Airbender

Have you ever seen Aang from Avatar The Last Airbender TV Show? This is a unique anime-cartoon film, which consists of 3 books and about 60 series. The main and unique character is - Aang. He has an interesting personality and admires with his childish pureness, an adult monk wisdom and great power management. Maybe sometimes he behaves careless, childish, but very often his works are huge and very necessary for the people and the world. Aang was the last Airbender, and he was discovered in a piece of ice by Katara and Sokka. At the beginning, he didn't understand in what position he had appeared and what kind of mission was waiting for him.
Aang Avatar the last airbender

Aang is a very friendly character, that you can see from the outset, from the first series. When he was released by Katara and Sokka, he immediately made friends with them, and they became best friends. By the way, over a time, Aang realized that his feelings to Katara are more than friendly feelings. Once he even cautiously hinted about it to her.
Aang Avatar the last airbender
Although Aang looked like a 12 years old boy, but indeed, he was 112 years old. When he was twelve, he flew with his bison Appa and occurred under the circumstances, that he had to freeze them both.
Aang knew very well how to manage air, and that's why he was called Airbender. However, he also could and wanted to learn how to manage the remaining three elements: Earth, Water and Fire. Among his supernatural abilities, it is recalled that he can communicate and get in to the spirit's world. When this happens, his eyes and tattoos light up.
Aang Avatar the last airbender
But, there is another side of the coin, in those moments, he is helpless and unable to protect himself. Once when he was communicating with spirits Prince Zuko used that situation. He found him sitting, unable to oppose, and he arrested him. True, Katara tried to defend him, but she failed. Of course to the end things got well, as Avatar spread juge light and when his friends Katara and Sokka were flying with bison Appa, they saw it and liberated him. By the way, everything in accordance the bison Appa is the oldest Aang's familiar, because they were together and before the freezing in the iceberg.
Aang is a cheerful boy, always in a good mood, good-humored. Therefore, very often you can see a lot of facial mimes, grimaces such as: enormous eyes from being surprised.
Aang Avatar the last airbender
Possibly, due to the 112 that he was, or maybe because he was and a monk or, finally because he was the Avatar, as the 12 year old boy he had a lot of wisdom. He always advised and assisted in the event of one or another problem. He was very good for all people, he was positive, affirmative thinking character. However, when he saw the evil, or injustice, he with all his forces was trying to help, rescue and protect.
Aang Avatar the last airbender
Sometimes, in some moments, and Aang became sad. As it is known, he remained the only and last Airbender and Avatar. He was becoming sad when he was remembering, certain events, people also Airbenders, monks, children and adults from the past. However, these moments were only for a short time. He was gushing good energy boy, so these moments were quickly forgotten.

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