AirMule VTOL UAV.........coolllll

Israel’s Urban Aeronautics is currently developing a hover capable, VTOL drone primarily designed for medevac and cargo missions.
The AirMule is a specialized UAV concept first unveiled back in 2008, but earlier this month the aircraft made it’s first successful (but tethered) liftoff.
The AirMule is powered by a 730shp Turbomeca Arriel I turboshaft driving fore and aft ducted rotors. Although the craft didn’t necessarily make it’s maiden flight, it did demonstrate the control system’s ability to stabilize the vehicle in all three axes using inertial measurements augmented by GPS and two laser altimeters.
The company hopes that planned improvements will allow the production vehicle to hover with high precision in winds gusting up to 50kt.
The next phase of flight tests will be untethered and will include horizontal and vertical position stabilization.
AirMule UAV Concept
AirMule UAV Concept
The VTOL engines will allow the AirMule to navigate in and out of compact alleyways and refugee camp warrens, while the shielded rotor blades protect make it tougher than a regular helicopter. An because it’s unmanned , the craft can enter situations too risky for regular helicopters.
Urban Aeronautics is developing the AirMule for the Israeli army, who have already expressed an interest in the unmanned robotic ambulance.

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