Awesome kids-friendly Disney Asus Laptop

ASUS and Disney branded new Netpal netbook for kids.They introduce two fantastic DisneyNetbook2 Awesome kids friendly Disney Asus Laptopeye-catching models in the name of "Princess Pink" and  "Magic Blue" colors.that comes with good looking exterior,kid-friendly Disney interface, along with a range of built-in166780disneynetpalprincesspink 350 Awesome kids friendly Disney Asus Laptopparental controls,in built webcam with 3 mega pixel, and some customizable themes based on Mickey Mouse, Toy Story, Wall-E, and other Disney properties. As you mighteyecatching Awesome kids friendly Disney Asus Laptopexpect, however, the netbook itself is just a standard 8.9-inch Eee PC, but it is at least available with either a 16GB SSD drive or a standard 160GB hard drive. The XP-Home based machines are described as including an easy to use interface along with a selection of applications.

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