Most Beautiful Anara Tower

Eco Architecture: Anara Tower – A 700m-high green structure for Dubai’s congested skyline
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Eco Factor: A 125-story mega skyscraper conforming to LEED certification requirements for a greener Dubai.
Dubai is already housing some of the most fascinating skyscrapers ever built on our planet. Be it Burj Dubai or Burj Al Arab, all the skyscrapers built in this part of the world are the best ever built by anyone. Here is another skyscraper, which too like some others in Dubai, will be ranked among the tallest man-made structures on Earth. Called the Anara Tower, this 125-story building will be about 700 meters tall and will be built by a British firm Atkins.
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Apart from sky gardens after every 27 floors, the building will have offices, shops, a luxury hotel with 250 rooms, 300 residential apartments, and a place for exhibitions and auctions. The apartments, which are expected to be the most expensive in Dubai, will have luxuries like exclusive swimming pools, exclusive elevators and views of the beautiful coastline of Dubai.
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The glass structure on the top of the tower will be a restaurant, which will not only give the diners the pleasure to feast at about 700 meters, but diners here would also be able to enjoy the panoramic views of some of the most important avenues of Dubai.
This tower will conform to LEED certification requirements of at least silver rating, by maximizing water and energy efficiency and will also include some form of renewable energy generators for its monstrous power needs. Construction of this mega-skyscraper is scheduled to commence in late 2009.
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The Dark Side:
Delivering luxuries such as exclusive swimming pools and elevators for all the 300 apartments would definitely be eco disasters for a place such as Dubai. We don’t think that the skyscraper will be able to house renewable energy generators of the form that will be needed to run the elevators and pumps to provide water for all 300 swimming pools and elevators.

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