Space Photos This Week “Hurricane Earl”

Hurricane Earl was an atypical, short-lived Category 2 hurricane that caused moderate damage throughout the Southeast United States. It formed out of a poorly organized tropical disturbance over the southwest Gulf of Mexico late on August 31. Tracking towards the northwest, the storm quickly intensified into a hurricane on September 2 and made landfall early the next day near Panama City, Florida. Rapidly tracking towards Atlantic Canada, the extratropical remnants of Earl significantly intensified before passing over Newfoundland on September 6.
Earl is a massive hurricane barraging the east coast of the US was photographed by an astronaut aboard the space station on August 30.HurricaneEarlfromspace thumb Space Photos This Week “Hurricane Earl”
An unmanned aircraft actually flew inside the giant storm. The aircraft carrying 15HurricaneEarlfromspace thumb1 Space Photos This Week “Hurricane Earl”instruments have been flying above, below and into Earl as part the new Genesis and Rapid Intensification Processes mission, or GRIP, which GRIP is designed to help improve our understanding of how hurricanes such as Earl form and intensify rapidly.

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