Most Expensive Pink Diamond in the world

WorldsMostExpensivePinkDiamond thumb Most Expensive Pink Diamond in the world  A rare pink diamond sold for a record $10.8 million in a Hong Kong auction Tuesday night, proving the market for high-end goods in Asia hasn’t lost its luster.
Demand exceeded Christie’s’ expectations. Last week the auction house’s department head for jewels, Vickie Sek, predicted the rock would fetch $8 million.WorldsMostExpensivePinkDiamond1 thumb Most Expensive Pink Diamond in the world"Vivid Pink," as it’s called, is a glittering five-carat stone flanked by two white diamonds and set in a ring by elite jeweler Graff, owned by U.K. billionaire Laurence Graff.
The glamorous diamond toured Singapore, Bangkok, Geneva and Taipei before returning to Hong Kong, where collectors and connoisseurs vied for it at the Convention and Exhibition Center.says…….

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