Tak percaya....Ipad murah.......


The original iPad now costs RM400 less and buyers are taking notice, writes IZWAN ISMAIL
MORE iPads have been sold in the past week after Apple slashed RM400 off all current models, than the week before.

A check with a few Apple authorised resellers in Kuala Lumpur revealed a surge in interest among consumers, especially for the 16-gigabyte Wi-Fi edition. Sales for this lower-end model has increased by at least 50 per cent after prices were reduced.

According to a retailer in Bangsar, the 16GB model at RM1,199 has become pretty affordable for many consumers.

"It´s even cheaper than the iPod Touch 64GB, which goes for RM1,399."

He says the iPad 16GB Wi-Fi has the same computing power as the higher-spec models, but has less storage space and lacks 3G.

"It´s a good device for those who want a simple Internet surfing device."

While the low-end iPad is enjoying good sales, the same can´t be said of the higher-end models.

"I think consumers who want a higher specification will wait for the iPad 2, which has more features such as dual-camera, a new processor and video conferencing capabilities," he says.

The international rollout of the iPad 2 starts this month, but unfortunately, we are not on the list of countries that will receive the first shipment.

"We don´t know exactly when we will get the iPad 2," says the retailer.

But he thinks sales of the current-generation iPads will continue, even after the new iPad 2 comes in.

"Some consumers may not want some of the new functions in the iPad 2. Besides, some companies and agencies don´t allow computing devices with cameras to be brought into their premises. This just means current iPads still have a place in the market."

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