World’s Most Influential Persons, Top Twenty Most Influential People

On average, his Tweets are retweeted at a usual 5 million, and I’m sure the calculations of likes and mentions on Facebook are unfathomable., a San Francisco based company, is the brainchild of IT whizz Joe Fernandez, 33, who after a jaw operation two years ago, had to rely on the web to keep in touch with friends.
But when he was swamped by information, he decided to find a way of determining what was worth reading and what should be “binned”.
Fernandez reckons it’s not the number of Twitter followers you have, but the impact of your words that matters.
“If you say you like something, how many people and who does that affect?” the Sun quoted him as saying.
“Every lobbyist in Washington is coming to us for data. They want to know who is driving opinion,” he stated.

According to Klout, Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber, 16, is the world’s most influential person, beating a host of more obvious contenders with a perfect score of 100.
Klout’s top twenty most influential people and their scores are:
1. Justin Bieber, pop star, 100
2. Paulo Coelho, Brazilian author of The Alchemist, 96
3. Joe Jonas, pop star, 92
4. Kanye West, US rapper, 90.9
5. Dalai Lama, Buddhist leader, 90.6
6. Nick Jonas, US pop star, 90.1
7. Lady GaGa, US pop star, 86.9
8. Conan O’Brien, US TV host, 89
9. P Diddy, US rapper, 88.9
10. Hayley Williams, US pop star, 88.8
11. Barack Obama, US president, 88.5
12. Kim Kardashian, US TV star, 88.5
13. Tyrese Gibson, US singer, 87.9
14. Federico Devito, Brazilian teen star, 87.7
15. Jose Serra, Brazilian politician, 87.1
16. Ellen DeGeneres, US talk show host, 87.04
17. Angela Simmons, socialite, 87
18. Katy Perry, US pop star, 87
19. Roger Ebert, US film critic, 86.7
20. Rick Warren, US pastor, 86.7

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