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Justin Bieber in NYC - Kerosene Photography, Wikimedia Commons
Justin Bieber in NYC -Kerosene Photography, Wikimedia Commons
Want to know more about Justin Bieber? Here are some interesting facts on the teen sensation. From his birthday to favorite number, it's all listed here.

Justin Bieber is a teen singing sensation, and a favorite among teenage girls and pop-music lovers. Bieber hit the music scene in 2008, and from then on, his career has exploded into a Bieber-frenzied mania. Pretty much everyone who is into the music scene has heard of Justin Bieber, whether they like it or not. "Bieber fever" is becoming hard to ignore.
If you are curious about Justin Bieber, and would like to learn a few interesting facts on this pop-sensation, read on. Everything you've ever wanted to know about Justin Bieber is listed here.

Justin Bieber Facts

  • Bieber was born on March 1st, 1994
  • His zodiac sign is Pisces
  • His favorite color is blue, but he wears the color purple a lot more than other colors
  • Favorite food is spaghetti
  • His middle name is Drew
  • Bieber idolizes Wayne Gretzky
  • He prefers Apple computers
  • Can speak French
  • Has a crush on singer Beyonce Knowles
  • His favorite number is 6
  • Was named newcomer of the year by MuchMusic
  • J-14 Magazine named Bieber the hottest star of 2009
  • Is one of the top 10 Youtube stars
  • He loves Supra brand shoes
  • His favorite soda is Sprite
  • He loves orange juice
  • He strongly dislikes Ugg boots
  • He is a straight-A student
  • Can get ready in the morning in only 20 minutes
  • Lived with his grandparents at one point
  • He loves to vacation in the Bahamas
  • He is left-handed
  • Asked singer Rihanna out on a date and she rejected him
  • His shoe size is 7.5
  • On his first date, he spilled food on the girl's shirt
  • He loves the show So you Think you Can Dance
  • He enjoyed writing the song Down to Earth
  • His mother is named Pattie
  • He grew up in Canada
  • Has broke his foot on stage
  • Was discovered on Youtube
  • He plays hockey, basketball, and soccer
  • Began drumming at only 2 years old
  • Most of his album was recorded in Atlanta
  • Has his family travel with him most of the time
  • He is 5 foot 3
  • His father's name is Jeremy
  • He is friends with Usher
  • He loves tacos and Captain Crunch cereal
  • He prefers apple pie
  • Can count in German
  • He is home schooled
  • His Long Island mall appearance was cancelled after many had already showed up
  • He was only 13 years old when he was signed
  • He can play the trumpet, piano, and drums
  • Some of his performances have caused crowd safety concerns
  • His debut single, "One Time", was released in 2009 and went platinum soon after
  • His hometown is Stratford, Ontario
  • His mother had him at age 18
  • Was discovered by Scooter Braun in 2008
  • Bieber is often featured in popular teen magazines like Tiger Beat
  • He is at the top of the Google Trends Hot Searches list

What's Next for Justin Bieber?

It is clear that Justin Bieber has claimed much success in the pop music world, but the world is wondering what he has in store for the future. Will Bieber stand the test of time, even after his voice changes? Only time will tell, but for now, "Bieber fever" is in full force.

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