'Never Say Never' News: Justin Bieber Film a Box-Office Smash

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Never Say Never: Justin Bieber Started Small and Kept Going

The 3D film 'Justin Bieber: Never Say Never' continues doing well at the box-office and Bieber opened it last week in some exciting cities.

The Justin Bieber 3D documentary Justin Bieber: Never Say Never continued doing strong at the box office over this weekend of Feb. 20 2011. Numbers released show that the movie took in $13.6 million dollars in U.S. box office over the weekend, bringing the film's 10 day U.S. total to over $48 million.
With teenagers in the U.S. having Monday Feb. 21st off of school due to President's Day holidays it is likely the film will do brisk business on this weekend as well. Further, MTV reported last week that Paramount, the film's producer, is considering releasing a 'director's cut' of the movie and that the film's director Jon Chu, has been working on adding additional footage.
Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

The movie hit the theatres on Feb. 11 after having openings in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles and in the singer's hometown of Stratford, Ont. All of the major North American newspapers and most online celebrity sites have reviewed the film and overall the ratings are strong. The film has a 68 percent approval rating at from both critics and fans.
In terms of box office draw, comparing it to Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour, which has been out more than three years, Bieber's film is already looking at surpassing the Cyrus movie in overall box office. That film sits at a total of 65 million dollars so Justin Bieber: Never Say Never has only about $17 million more in box office to eclipse the Cyrus biopic.
Bieber Jets off to Paris for French Premiere of Never Say Never
Never Say Never: Justin Bieber Started Small and Kept Going - Photo Courtesy of Kerosene
Last week Bieber found himself in Paris, France where he attended the film's French premiere at the Grand Met theater. That was on Thursday the 17th, the evening before he was a London's O2 Arena for the movie's U.K. debut.
The movie is about Bieber and Bieber's world and it includes the travel, the roadies backstage all rushing about at his concerts, the musicians and dancers and the concerts themselves, filmed in 3D. About 20 minutes of the film were shot at a 2010 New York concert at Madison Square Gardnes. The film is also about Bieber's family and fans.
Bieber has spoken of the film as being not only a documentary about him and about his world, but also a method of letting people know that giving up on dreams is not an option. "I'm telling you, people," Bieber says. "Everyday we wake up is another blessing. Follow your dreams and don't let anyone stop you. Never say never."

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