Lady Gaga Out Slugs Justin Bieber to Reach a Billion Youtube Hits

Justin Bieber Nearing One Billion Youtube Views

One Billion? Wow. Lady Gaga made it to one billion Youtube hits before Justin Bieber who has to settle for 962 million. And counting...lots. Keep it up JB..

The 24-year-old American entertainer Lady Gaga has become the first human to reach one billion views on Youtube. Gaga and her fans turned the trick October 25, 2010 and despite that huge number she has someone close behind. Or 38 million Youtube hits behind.
Bieber's Baby More Viewed Than Bad Romance
Sixteen-year-old Canadian pop singer and actor Justin Bieber has 962 million hits and should join Gaga in that exclusive one billion club sometime in early November. Thanks to his legions of fans he is outscoring the former Stefani Germanotta by about 3.7 million daily hits to her 1.8 million. If he continues to lead Gaga with similar numbers he will surpass her sometime before the end of November.

Bieber is tops with the most viewed song of the two, his video Baby in front with a staggering 353 million views while Gaga's Bad Romance has managed 291 million views. Runners up to the two superstars in overall views are the late Michael Jackson, his music, especially his Thriller video, still hugely popular, and Britney Spears, each with about 600 million total views. Madonna is behind them.

TubeMogul Compiles Gaga, Bieber Numbers

These numbers come from an online site called TubeMogul, a company that, among other things, tracks internet video usage and trends and shares the information with companies and the public. David Burch is the marketing manager of Tubemogul and he's been keeping an eye on the pop superstars and their march to one billion.
"No one comes close to Gaga and Bieber in terms of compiling this sort of statistic in this short a time," Burch says. "Clearly, they are tapping into something big."

Gaga Tours Europe and Twitters Fans

Until Christmas Lady Gaga is over in Europe on her Monster Ball tour - she's in Ireland all this week - but being the marketing aware performer she is she took time out to congratulate her "little monsters" on their accomplishment Monday and to extol them onward.
Justin Bieber Nearing One Billion Youtube Views - Image by Kindofadraag
“We reached 1 billion views on YouTube little monsters!" she told them. "If we stick together we can do anything. I dub u kings and queens of YouTube! Unite."

Bieber Tours the U.S. after Publishing First Book

Meanwhile Justin Bieber continues on his My World tour. He is in Los Angeles and then San Diego this week before playing Oklahoma City, San Antonio and Houston next week. Earlier in October he released his first book, Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever: My Story.
The versatile Bieber, who debuted as an actor in September on CSI: Las Vegas, also has a documentary in production, Never Say Never, directed by John Chu. The film promises to have lots of backstage footage and footage of Bieber at home.

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